Emalon! Why Doth Thou Vex Us So?


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Had two serious runs at our new friends, Emalon and the Quartet of Overcharged Doom Friday and Sunday night. The best/closest attempt was on Friday when we got Emalon down to about 25% until our healers were OOM... Sunday, only gave him a bit of a scare as he never really went under 40% after several (or more) attempts. (I think I've paid about 250G in repair bills between the two...)

So what did we learn? Initial Tank aggro is critical to the opening stage of this fight. There is really no OT in my opinion as both tanks have a crucial role. Tank #1 (first to run in) pulls all initial aggro of Emalon and his four Storm Revenants. Once that Tank has built up sufficient rage or mana, he can AoE the group establishing initial threat. At that point (5-7 seconds later) Tank #2 runs in and taunts Emalon off Tank #1. It's very important that Tank #1 goes in buffed with extra heals but as soon as the tank moves into range of the boss and adds no one casts a hot, DPS's, taunts, etc. Tank #1 must first establish aggro on the four Storm Revenants and Emalon. After that is completed, Tank #2 comes in and taunts Emalon off. Emalon needs to be tanked 20+ yards away from the Storm Revenants and the current strat is tanking Emalon to his left side of the room. The Revenants are tanked to their right back (again as we face the room).

After 60 seconds or so Emalon casts Overcharge on one of the four Storm Revenants. DBM is "supposed" to mark that Revenant with a Skull, but that seems to work only about 50% of the time. The Revenant will be healed to full health (pressing "V" before the fight allows you to view all the enemy's health bars) and the Revenant will dramatically grow in size. The Overcharge will stack up to 10X and the raid has 24 seconds to DPS down the Overcharged Revenant before it wipes the raid dealing 30K damage.

Once the Overcharged Revenant is down, Emalon will call forth a new add from behind/underneath him. Tank #1's job is to taunt the new add and tank him with the remaining three. After 30 seconds or so, the cycle will repeat itself, etc.

A few things to consider and "requirements" for the fight:
  • Emalon is an Ulduar Level boss as he drops iLvl 219 Tier gear. He and his friends hit quite hard. Being Naxx geared is a necessity.
  • Tanks & Healers - Naxx 10/25, OS10/25 Gear required. 2 x Tanks & 3 Healers optimal.
  • DPS - again Naxx geared or at least capable of sustained 2K DPS throughout the fight.
  • Emalon will always keep four Storm Revenant adds up. During the fight adds (excluding the overcharged one) may/will die. Emalon will summon a replacement. Tank #1's job is to taunt all Storm Revenant adds.
  • Emalon casts Lightning Nova and Chain Lightning. Melee needs to run out of the Lightning Nova and people need 5 yards of separation to not be caught in the Chain Lightning. (Ranged/Healers can be positioned far enough back to not be in range of the Lightning Nova.)
  • Five Overcharge cycles should be enough time to DPS the boss down good & dead. I don't think we got past three cycles either night.
Blizz has stated that with Patch 3.1 there are no "Tank & Spank" bosses. Many have gotten a taste of Ulduar as well and can attest to this. I'm looking forward to getting Emalon down as this is a nice new challenge for us. We have the geared/skilled toons, just need to get the coordination of the fight down, smite Emalon, collect loot! :D
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One correction if I may...DPS should be able to sustain about 3k to be considered viable for this fight. There can be some wiggle room as some are over/under, but if everyone is 2k on average it just wont happen.
Thanks Ron,

Are you talking Heroic? We were running 10 man and as Emalon's adds have been nerfed by 30% in Patch 3.1.1a and now have about 140K HP. Based on Recount, I would say both groups averaged about 2K DPS (some over / some under). We were able to get the adds down in a timely manner, most of our issues stemmed from fight coordination. I'm going to "try" and put some math to it:

5 x DPS @ 2,000DPS = 10,000DPS
10,000DPS x 18sec (allowing for a transition delay) = 180,000 overall DPS.
That number does not include the Tank and my DPS was in the 1,400 range.
I know who it was but we'll keep it a secret otherwise they may be taken advantage of and exploited for evil purposes.
Transition to dps on proper add fast enough. Win.
That was the main issue I saw once we got the pull down.. (Position was the other)
We had the dps (w/e it was) because we did get the add down fast enough several times.
I suggest ppl use "V" and get use to finding the add on their own. (especially since DB is buggy here)

Ps: Sorry myself nor Renee were on tonight for Heroic naxx (Anniversary went long :)
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Sure, why not? The point is to do things together, we just decided to do some other things :) Hope you guys have fun.
I know who it was but we'll keep it a secret otherwise they may be taken advantage of and exploited for evil purposes.
I think it might have been the noob who could not remember which of his toons was already saved to Heroic Naxx after joining last night's raid group...
Good thing we keep this guy's secrets - he might be ridiculed and mocked. To quote my favorite panda - Po "It is said that his enemies would go blind from over-exposure to pure awesomeness!"

moving on ...
check in the social tab under the raid tab..it will tell you what you are saved to.
We are downing Emalon this Friday the 8th. It's up on GC (or been up...). Looks like my GC install was buggy. Come on come all (10 or 25 anyway) so we can have fun and get some l33t epix!
Adam and I will not be there as our eldest has her graduation banquet that evening. Gotta tell ya...its very weird to be a couple of weeks away from having an adult child :)
Adam and I will not be there as our eldest has her graduation banquet that evening. Gotta tell ya...its very weird to be a couple of weeks away from having an adult child :)

...And tell me about it. My oldest (19 daughter) is planning to start a nursing program in the fall and our 18yr old son will be engaging in a combined college/church program called eikon. Full time college study and ministry training. And my 15yr old wants to get her driver's permit. When did I get so old? :confused: