End of Silence CD Opinions?

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Debating getting a End of Silence CD by Red. They sound like a Christian Linkin Park, but, I don't know if the CD is good, becomes monotonous or is there a similar better Christian alternative? Anyone tried it? Opinions?

So you may better know my likes are... D.C. Talk, Newsboys, Benjamin Gate, Genesis (the only non-Christian group I've listed), Delirious' worship CD "The Mission Bell" and dance music as long as it has a interesting sound and good beat. Generally anything that is witty or will get your adrenaline pumping.
If you like rock music, you'll likely enjoy Red's CD. I own it and think it's phenomenal, but you have to enjoy the style of music to get the most out of it. =)
You can actually listen to a fair-bit of the CD on the site you linked - look in the top-right corner. If you like the partial-screamo stuff, look into Emery. There's actually less screaming on the newer album (and the lead parts are actually sang... the backup vocalist is the one that screams).

Skillet Pretty upbeat music, a little edgy. Varied in sound quite a bit between songs.

12 Stones - tends to get monotonous. I think their guitarist is only playing 3 base chords through the entire CD. My wife listened to about 15 seconds of each song and commented "every song is the same" but I thought they still managed to do a decent job breaking up the sound (altho every song is about the same tempo)

David Crowder Band - These guys sing a bunch of upbeat music... They're wierd and incredibly fun. *reminisces about a great concert*
I agree with Cloud. I went out and picked up Red's End of Silence. and Flyleaf's self-titled album the other day. Both are very good discs. Red has a little more variation in their sound, while Flyleaf starts getting monotonous by the end of the disc. I think both groups have a little maturing to do, more experimenting to do with their sound... but both hold a great amount of promise and talent - which is evident from their current discs.