Enter the matrix

Tomb Raider was a decent one. I don't think a games should be made about the Matrix. That movie is a work of art. It should not turn into some cheap way to capitalize and make a profit.
I just read the PCGamer preview about it actually, and it sounds quite intriguing. I'll post more here, just as soon as I finish up this down-to-the-minute eBay auction.

I'm now the proud owner of a vintage Descent II: The Infinite Abyss set.

[edit]Ouch...I just realized that the guy who was also bidding was, in fact, there, and made a last ditch attempt to get it back...paying $18 plus shipping :p. Oh well, that's the price you pay...literally[/edit]
Okay, here's the basics...Enter the Matrix is being developed in a proprietary engine, no liscensing is occuring. We all know this can either be a blessing or a curse, we'll have to wait and see.

You do not play as Neo, or as any of the movie characters. A seperate set of characters, and a parallel storyline has been developed. It allows the game to move on its own, and not rely to heavily on events from either the original movie or the sequels. However, it is said that it will cross paths with the sequels' storylines, and help explain some of the backstory that isn't developed too heavily in the movie.

The ability to slow down time and perform stunts and the like is provided by a recharging commodity called Focus (sounds a bit like using the force in one of the Jedi Knight games).

According to one of the devs, using stealth in the game will acheive nothing. It's intended to give all that Matrix action we've been waiting for.

"You'll likely also benefit from a meaty PC, as it powers a physics engine that allows your bullets (and other actions) to knock over tables, blow out ceiling tiles, and otherwise trash every square inch of the fighting space. I saw this aspect of the game in action, and it was truly stunning, perfectly capturing the chaos and destruction of the movies' monumental action sequences."
w00t :)! Can anyone say "Lobby Shootout?"

Other than that, there's a sad fact that it will be singleplayer-only...of course, how could you handle bullet time in a game like that without it affecting everyone? Uh...weird.

The detail they've gone into in developing this has been truly astounding, and I won't go into it here. Rest assured we're looking at an excellent game in the future.
Congrats on the Descent II set. That is a cool game. I bought my copy for a hefty 0.87 cents ;). That Matrix game does sound pretty cool after that description.
"According to one of the devs, using stealth in the game will acheive nothing."

Now that's my type of game
You know, I actually read a Gamespy preview that said that two minor characters, one played by Will Smith's wife Jada Pinkett Smith, and the other a ace pilot, are playable. The characters are in the movie, but is just a brief role. Also, when a character walks off the screen in The Matrix Reloaded and doesn't appear until later, the chances are the missing character is in Enter the Matrix.

There was an hour of extra motion capture footage shot for the game. And another thing. In Max Payne there was an adrenaline meter on screen-- Enter the Matrix has something called Focus. With this, you will be able to do all those really cool moves that were in The Matrix. How do I know this? It's coming to Gamecube...hehehe.....
I don't think you posted the whole 'motion capture' thing last page. I read that you said that an entirely new set of characters will be used, one of whom is Niobe, Jada Pinkett Smith's character. The idea is story within a story. You see, if you see an event take place in The Matrix Reloaded, then that event will likely effect Enter the Matrix. Story within a story. And guns. Lots of guns. Luckily, it scored a Teen rating from the ESRB.
...don't we all...don't we all...

I think it may be because there is no infamous Lobby shootout scene. You know, when they storm the military installation? Yeah. Well, anyway, I also think they cut blood and cussing out of the game, but that is just speculation. Go to esrb.org to find out for sure.
Well, here's the deal. There are nine Animatrix shorts. One of the ones that is currently out in theatres is Final Flight of the Osiris, which takes place just before Enter the Matrix. In fact, at the end of that particular short they leave a package in a mailbox...you pick that up in Enter the Matrix. True, a Lobby shootout would be cool for a game, but the game's story runs parallel to The Matrix Reloaded, meaning that, like I said before, events affect other events, and vice-versa. Also remember that the game, and movie, take place after Neo hangs up the phone at the end of The Matrix, and that the machines have learned the location of Zion, the last human settlement. That alone sets both storylines up for awesome conflict and even more action packed scenes...plus, I'm guessing that you'll be able to face off against Agents('Call me a virus again, and BAM!'...hehe, sweet dreaming). I have also learned that the game is about 70 percent fighting levels, 15 percent driving levels, and 15 percent flying levels...in all, the game promises to be very well done, and I, personally, do not think that you should dismiss it. Now, excuse me, I have to write a review for Console.ccgr.org.

Hehehe...I've seen similar maps made for many different games, but it was never QUITE like being in the Matrix. Oh well...maybe someone will make a custom map for this game.