Familiar names from long ago


I see many have weathered the time and are still involved. That's good. My favorite gaming times were on the original Guild Wars. I have never played GW2 until a few days ago when it went free. I never had a computer that had the horsepower to run it until a month or so ago. Like many of you, I have gotten old. I am 62 now. I still enjoy gaming and astrod00d and I talk all the time about how there are no games to play together any more.

I have a level 10 Charr named Halonic Lion (or Halonic.8743 if that will help). I missed my chance at buying the full game when it was $5 on the Guild Wars site. I still had a computer that was like me at that time.....old and slow. I will give this a try on the free version to see if there are any redeeming qualities of the old Guild Wars left. So far it just seems like any other game that you play solo. I hope you can convince me that I am wrong.

In Christ,
One of my favorite people :)

I'm rolling on gw2 casually, Work and life have been crazy but hoping to find a way to settle things down More.

I'll add you when I can