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Submit any fan fiction you may have here ! If you don't have any, it is time to start writing!

I'll keep this thread locked to keep it organized, but if you would like to submit or post comments from the fan fictions feel free to create a new topic.


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Company's Journal - Submitted by Bowser - Added 12.8.03

Excerpt - What appeared to be a farmer approached me and claimed himself to be Founder. I had not heard this name before and demanded to speak to the captain immediately. The stubborn fool would not let me pass without word so I told him, I am a messenger from the east valley where a great force is kept, awaiting the onslaught of this land. We are to raze this countryside and save nothing.
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Crashed and Released - Submitted by Bowser - Added 8.18.04

Excerpt - Weoflun found a large tree on a small slope. The slope banked down into the swampland, but above it was a more dry area, more like the Fravine he knew. The dirt was eroded away exposing the dying roots.
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The Stone Key Chapter - Submitted by Buskanaka - Added 8.18.04

Excerpt - Finally he made up his mind. With a deep breath he stood and faced his apprentice. Gone was the jovial demeanour that normally inhabited his features. He spread his arms wide and in a booming voice announced, Look, Dunen, and tell me what you see
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Amidst Certain Death - Submitted by Beau - Added 9.1.2004

Excerpt - Only hours earlier they laughed as they had so easily dispatched a small group of orcs. Had the one not managed to get away they might not be faced with such a harrowing fate. They had not known that the small group was just a scouting party for an army of the horde the size of which they had never encountered.
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The Paths We Take - Submitted by Exoslayer - Added 9.19.2004

Excerpt - His heart was beating quickly now as he took short shallow breaths trying to calm himself. He noticed his hands were shaking violently; he concluded either from exhaustion or perhaps fear. After a moment of silent prayer he continued reaching upward on the last leg of his climb.
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The Way Home - Submitted by Montrez Anthony - Added 4.16.2005

Excerpt - So He had caught up with them in 9 hours, it was a hard and fast pace they were keeping, smart too. He still had no idea if they were part of a larger force or independents sanction to pillage and harass. But the young girls life was not worth the price she would pay if he did not act. Images of the past flashed in his mind He grimaced.
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