Do the text boxes on this site use Flash? I have a new windows phone, and much to my chagrin, WP8 is not supported by adobe flash. I've noticed that I can not post to the forums from my phone and was thinking that might be the problem. If anyone has any insight let me know.
Source of the page shows the 'quick reply' box is a standard HTML textarea control with a bunch of javascript attached to it. I haven't noticed any flash controls on this site. Flash is pretty much on it's way out with HTML5. I don't expect many new items are going to use/support it.
This is directly from our Tech Guru here...

On your phone, Go to your profile on these forums, then General settings on the left side.
Scroll all the way down to Miscellaneous settings on the right side and then in the Editor options select Basic Editor - A simple text box
Now save your settings.
You may or may not need to log out and back in to the forum for the change to take effect (your phones browser may have cached the older page)
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