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Ok, looking for some advice on consoles. Providing i have some spare cash at xmas i will be looking to expand my console collection by adding a PS3 or an Xbox 360... Now there are currently one plus point for each...

- Xbox is £100 - £140 cheaper for a base unit
- PS3 has no online charges

So, i am asking for your input as to which console to get based on the following criteria.

1. Price for a fully setup system (base + games + controllers + addons like recharge packs)
2. Ability to play online easily.
3. Game range (NOT FPS titles as i hate doing those with gamepad.. currently PS3 has the edge with little big planet and MGS4)
4. Ability to playback downloaded video content.. *cough* (i think both can, but with my Cowboy Bebop in MKV format, i need robustness and ability to read data DVDs as well as external HDD)

Now for the dislaimer:
NO FANBOYS !!! If anyone starts whining like a fanboy i will ask an admin to delete their posts, same goes for any derailing... I just want some informed opinion from people who own one or both the consoles. What they see as the plus and minus points.. And if i should just stick with my Wii and see what games hit at xmas.
I can personally say for my style of gaming, casual and wanting quality (graphics) and selection, i would prolly have to go with the PS3. I would also most likely run folding off of it. I have a PSP too which can connect to it. In my opinion theres alot you can really do with a PS3 and the free online is definitely a plus. its not going to be something in my immediate purchasing future but something that is on my radar. I will say though that MGS4 is really nice and i enjoy playing with a normal PS2/3 controller and it seems to me whenever im at a friends house his ps3 controllers are always charged compared to his xbox 360 and they get about equal use/charge. so i think it would be safe to say the ps3 controllers hold charges a little bit better
Is blu-ray a non-issue for you? Cause the blu-ray player in the PS3 is very good and since you can get updates for it via the web, you are the first to get all the new audio codecs and everything that makes a $1000 blu-ray player cost that much.

I have many tech customers that are getting the PS3 just for the blu-ray and not even getting games with it simply cause it beats all other players in that price range.
There's a rumor that Metal Gear Solid 4 will be coming to the Xbox 360. It's just a rumor, but an interesting one nevertheless.

I haven't played on a PS3, so I can't post an informed opinion; however, I've been impressed with what I've seen of the Xbox 360's online capabilities. The 360 also has a much larger library of games.

There are only two reasons I have not purchased a Xbox 360 for myself and my wife:
  1. I've been unemployed since February.
  2. I've yet to read compelling evidence that Microsoft has resolved the 360's mindbogglingly high hardware failure rate. I refuse to spend $300 on a Xbox 360 Pro, knowing there is a very high probability the hardware will fail in little time.
If the 360 was a solid piece of hardware with no serious hardware issues, then I would recommend the 360 without hesitation.

Unfortunately, the hardware failure rate is a huge minus and I may end up getting a PS3 in the end.

EDIT: Forgot to mention: Beautiful Katamari is only available on the Xbox 360.
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The hardware failure is something that worries me also, but i have friends with xboxes and they dont seem to experience much in the way of problems.

I think the toss-up in my mind is the cost of the console vs the quality of the investment. Sure the xbox is much cheaper and gives you instant access to a million cheap games and online play. The PS3 is yet to reach second generation games and will probably explode once we get 2g games and a price drop. The PS3 games certainly are more appealing even with a smaller number, but with DLC all over the place... there is always something to keep me entertained.

Blu-ray isnt really much of an issue for me. Although i would like to experience some DVDs in high quality through my TV (which supports 1080i unfortunately not p). But since my DVD purchases are once in a blue moon thats not much of a prblem. As stated in the first post... i usually download and watch movies before making a purchase, so that capability is essential being as we can no longer do that through our laptops... Mine doesnt have SVideo and my wifes now has Ubuntu on which doesnt do a good job of getting the picture right.

Currently the Xbox 360 60GB is £160 in the Uk with the PS3 80GB £280 so the initial price difference is a lot ($200 ish) and why i dunno what to do. Chances are i wont be able to afford either and will just end up getting a couple of wii games ;)
My vote is for the 360. It has had a lot more momentum than the PS3 in the past, and it's looking like it's going to stay that way. Plus, you can always count on M$ to throw money at developers until the greatest games are on the 360.
Chances are i wont be able to afford either and will just end up getting a couple of wii games ;)
Unfortunately, the "Coming Soon" list for the Wii looks pretty weak right now.

I'm more excited about the release schedule for the DS:
  • Away: Shuffle Dungeon (JP: October 16, 2008)
  • Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia (NA: October 21, 2008)
  • Chrono Trigger (NA: November 25, 2008)
  • Disgaea DS (NA: September 23, 2008)
  • Dragon Ball: Origins (NA: November 11, 2008)
  • Dragon Quest IX (JP: 2008)
  • Elebits: The Adventures of Kai and Zero (Q1 2009)
  • Gauntlet (NA: October 1, 2008)
  • Moon (NA: November 18, 2008)
  • Mushroom Men (NA: October 14, 2008)
  • My Japanese Coach (PAL: November 7, 2008)
  • Phantasy Star Zero (JP: Q4 2008)
  • Sigma Harmonics (JP: August 21, 2008)
  • Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood (EU: September 26, 2008)
  • Suikoden Tierkreis (NA February 2009)
  • Shining Force Feather (2009)
  • Tales of Hearts (JP: December 11, 2008)
(And the upcoming game I'm most excited about--more than any other--is due out for the Playstation 2 in December.)

Q: What's the best value among the current generation of game systems?

A: The DS Lite.

EDIT: For what you spend on a 360 Pro, you can buy two DS Lites--one for you and one for your wife. A lot of games support Download Play (which means you only need one cart for two or more people to play) and DS games are typically half the price of Xbox 360 or PS3 games.

It really depends on whether you want a home console or a portable handheld.
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I've had a Xbox 360 for a few years now. I really like Xbox live, i feel as though it is really well put together. Also, coming up in fall its due for a revamp, they are adding netflix into their UI, so if your a netflix subscriber you will beable to get all your movies streamed (They say instantly, i wonder though.) to your xbox.

On the other hand... the Blu-ray player looks really nice.

Just buy them both!
Just buy them both!
/me wonders where inkelis works to be able to spend $700 on consoles (not to mention a few hundred more on controllers and games) on game consoles in this economy
And can I apply for a job there? :D

I'd go with a 360, even though mine just recently went out, mostly because of the sheer amount of the kind of games I like on it are there.

However, each has its own advantages, PS3 has blu-ray, and Wii has fun family games (and Brawl! If I could I would buy a Wii just for that game...) and a unique controller.

I would just look at the games available on each of the systems (and the upcoming games) and make your choice that way.
I would definitely encourage the purchase of either one, just because there are so many great games to be played on each. I can only really speak for the PS3, but I do plan on getting 360 pretty soon. If you do have an HDTV, the Blu-Ray helps push the PS3 a little more, but I would really do some heavy research into the exclusives, and also which multi-platform games you like. Some of them are absolute garbage, while others (like Burnout Paradise, are gold). Definitely some games to look into on the PS3 end: Folklore, Warhawk, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction and coming December 2008 (to Japan, anyway, at long last: White Knight Chronicles.

I will say this:That article is 9 months old, and that's before Konami and Kojima came out and said they have no plans to release a 360 version of the game.

I will also say this: Just to get more people to play the game, it would be cool if it did. However, PS3 needs exclusives terribly, and I would really hate to see the machine die off just because Microsoft's marketing is better. I want better multi platform games on my PS3, seriously. I guess though, with the cost of development these days, people just aren't gonna do much without Sony helping out.
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Currently the Xbox 360 60GB is £160 in the Uk with the PS3 80GB £280 so the initial price difference is a lot ($200 ish) and why i dunno what to do.

The Xbox 360 Arcade Console is $200 CDN.

Interestingly, a Xbox 360 60GB Pro Console, which costs $300 CDN, comes with 2 free games; Gears of War and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.

Awfully, for a PS3 here, its $400 CDN with no free games.
(Unless your willing to pay extra, like Assassin Creed for $30 CDN, Blazing Angels 2 for $20 CDN, etc)

I prefer the PS3, but I only like 1 game. Resident Evil 5 :(

I read its also for the Xbox 360 and has Co-op Online.
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At the moment, its down to the decision of cheap console, but not playing online against expensive console but its online and i can play LBP... i dunno what to go for o_O