Friday, November 15, 2019


I may have missed a week, but God didn't!
In fact, it actually connects with what I intended to discuss! How Wonderful Our God Is In His Plans!

In Peter's words of growth (1 Peter 1:5-8) we are instructed to add to our virtue a vital thing called knowledge. Be aware, however, this knowledge is NOT our own! We must submit to The Holy Spirit and HIS knowledge and wisdom, not our own! (See Proverbs 3:5-6)
There are so many verses that tell us we don't know much compared to God I can't list them all here. There are even as many verses stating God's Plans for us are much better than our plans we make ourselves! As we learn things, we use that learning in our daily lives, to assist or lead others, to change ourselves or things around us and even within us. Our virtue is one of the best places to use this knowledge, so we might actively produce better fruit. (See Matthew 7:16)
As our knowledge grows, so does our virtue. As our virtue grows, so does our faith. As our faith grows, we produce better fruit. See how this works? No? Allow me to give a beautiful example:
I had every intention to be on last week to post this very discussion (With a different example though!) My own understanding was that it was necessary, important and needed to be done. I also know my wife needs my attention (almost) 24/7, yet my interest in being dedicated to my job here had gotten in my way. As Thursday arrived, I began praying about my post, researching what needed to be said and in what order, and even why it needed to be said. My wife had need of me, so I became distracted from making the post on time. The Holy Spirit within me gave me immediate need to drop everything I was doing to attend to her. This actually took about 4 days to accomplish! The knowledge of my wife's needs weren't far from me, yet The Holy Spirit made them dominate over my task for CGA. (The Wisdom Of The Holy Spirit Is ALWAYS Better Than Our Own) This knowledge gave fuel to my virtue in respect to the one I am bonded with as one. (A Good Husband Love His Wife As Christ Loves The Church) The virtue I displayed for her, to her and with her reinforced both her faith as well as mine in God's Plans over our own. (Faith Without Works Is Dead. See James 2:14-26)
So whatever you do, whatever you know, always remember God does things better, The Holy Spirit Knows things better and compared to them, we truly can't do anything and truly know nothing!