From Malohaut to the Church


To the Church in Albion, grace and peace to you in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I greet you again in peace and in joy. Although your body is small, those who are there have great passion and joy in our Lord. This brings much warmth to my heart: to know that you remain strong in the great I Am.

It also brings me great pleasure to know that you have an interest in bringing a revival to the church of Albion, and I praise your hearts for it. But I also ask that in your efforts, you don't despair. For while we move forward in Christ, the enemy mounts a force against us. You will encounter trials, storms, opposition, and discontent. Stand strong and keep your efforts going and trust that the Lord will bring about mighty things.

At this time, I am saddened to know that I will be currently unable to visit you. But I will continue to write and encourage as oft as I can. You offered the suggestion of bringing my words to the peoples of Albion. I would indeed thrill in this because through me and through you, God can do mighty things. If your offer still stands, let me know and we can arrange something. And if, after the first couple of times, you want to try for yourself or try something new, I will rejoice in that as well. Let your heart lead you in your efforts, and you will be richly blessed.

Do you truly love our Lord Jesus Christ? Feed His lambs. Is Jesus Christ first in your heart? Tend His sheep. Is Jesus Christ your Lord and Savior? Feed His sheep. Our task in this world is varied. Preach Christ crucified. Show your light before all me, that by your actions you may be witnesses. Be tender and gentle to the lambs, the newborn Christian, and feed them. Be tender and gentle to the lost who seek light and truth. Tend to each other with exhortations, accountability, and fellowship. And above all, be thankful and joyful of our loving and wonderful God. Incorporate these very things into your daily adventures, and the kingdom of God will grow strong.

My friends, I am doing well. Though trials and storms came my way, the Lord has never become slack in His care. I found myself never lacking, and know myself to be blessed and well cared for. I have grown and learned much in my journies, and have ended better than where I started. My heart has grown more positive, and I am enjoying a new start. My fellowship with my father has also been enriching and wonderful. Though I still know not my future, I will continue to walk with joy and confidence. Your very prayers and encouragements have gone a long way in helping me, as have the special efforts of a few of you. I love you all so very dearly.

Brother Gyllis. Your heart is rich, as is your ambitions. Don't overload your plate as I know you to be busy. If your heart remains in Camelot, pray to the Lord for prompting and opportunities. In time, you will better understand how to discern and detect God's opportunities for your life. But for now, be at peace and enjoy your current blessings and service. Your continued friendship and fellowship with me is truly a blessing.

Brother Anthony. Many of the church have been called away, yet you are one of the few who remain. Do not feel abandoned or alone, my friend, for the Lord is still with you, as is my heart. Keep in mind that for the Trinity to be great, you do not need to do anything great. Just do small things and be amazed as God takes your planted mustard seed and grows it into a mighty tree. If your desire to help the Trinity with church maintenance or with administration, pray first on it. Seek God's strength, His timing, and His guidance. I am here for you as is God, and I will help however I may. Just promise me that if you do anything, you do it because your heart desires it and not because you feel you have to. I love you as a brother and I pray you continue to find faith and encouragment and most of all, peace in all times of testing and trials. Keep me up to date with your efforts and if you still desires me to compose some sermons or suggestions, I will be more than happy to do so.

Brother Avenger. Like many of us, you too have been called away from our church at Albion for one reason or another. If you feel you have the time and your heart leads you, I’m quite sure that you can return and do wonderful things. Pray on this and seek God’s revelation as to what you’d like to do. Your return and your assistance would prove invaluable, but it must be done under God’s prompting and your heart’s desire. Let me know if you do decide to return and we can further discuss ways you can use your talents and your gifts to assist the church. I love your heart and I know God does too. Keep on praying.

Brother Tek. Your recent inquiry into the church of Albion has indeed been noted. Although we are not thriving as well as some of the others, we still remain alive and active for the most part. I will continue to pray and further assess this church to see if it is God’s will to thrive or pass away. And I will whatever I can to help it flourish. Thank you for your patience and your concern, my dear brother. You are of great value to us all as well as to the Lord.

So keep me up to date, my friends, and continue your efforts as well as your adventures. Although furthering God’s kingdom is important, having fun and enjoying yourselves is equally important. Sometimes the greatest way to witness is to just adventure as normal, while allowing the light of Christ to shine through your words and your actions. So this isn’t just an encouragement to revive the church, but to come together as a body in fellowship. Always know that you have people here who are praying for you. My heart is with you, now and always.

May the peace of our Lord be with you now and to the end of the days.

Brother Malohaut