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How to Join:
First of all, if you're not already a member of the Tribe of Judah, then sign up! This is the Tribe of Judah Minecraft server, after all. We use the forums run by CG Alliance, so that's why you have to sign up for a new account here too (unless you happen to have one). After you sign up in both places, you'll be able to post to the "whitelist" thread. Read this post and reply, adding your user name (the one you joined Toj with, as viewable in the roster) so that we can verify your membership.

Our Server:
You can join the Official Tribe of Judah Minecraft server at this address:

Server Rules:
Be Respectful.
Be Ethical.
Use Common Sense.
Do not Destroy or Modify Any Player Creations Without Permission.
Do not Build Over or Under Anyone’s Structures Without Permission.
Do not Steal Anything From Chests, Furnaces & Dispensers.
Do not Place Lava, TNT Or Fire Near Anyone’s Buildings/Structures.
Do not Be Annoying!
Keep All Language And Subject Matter G Rated. Acronyms And Suggestive Material Are Not Allowed.
Abandoned Structures May Be Destroyed By Admins.

Your friendly Server Operator is currently Lost_Shepherd (different forum name: Josh2415).

In addition, there are a few other players who have the ability to ban, should they find someone blatantly breaking the rules.

If there is ever a need to contact an Admin quickly, and there isn't one online in game, Lost_Shepherd will often be lurking on Facebook. Forum posts are a great way to contact us if it isn't urgent. Chances are, if you have a question, someone else has it too, so feel free to post it!

Important Commands:
  • /spawn - This will send you back to the world's spawn point in the regular world. It will not work in the Nether, End, or Frontier.
  • /help - lists other commands you can use

Facebook Page:

Alternate Servers:

Some of the alternate servers that members play on..

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