Giant map clan maps?



I did want to thanks Lady Kajun for inviting me to play Unreal Tournament on the (ohms) clan server tonight, buuut, to accept future invitations, I'll need the URL of a web site where I can download all of the necessary "Giant Map Clan" maps. I'm on 56K, and downloading directly from the server isn't an option. -_-

Again, thank you much, and I hope to be in on the next game night!
Ask and you shall receive....

These maps are strictly Giant Maps. Be sure to look in both the download as well as the upload areas!  You will find Giant Maps for both UT as well as UT2003.  The directories are named accordingly...i.e. pretty intuitive.  

I am the admin for FusionDM, a Giant Map (low grav) clan.  You can come check out our server at unreal://  or look up in the DM/CTF tabs for any server starting with "GMC" blah blah and you should strike gold.  

Enjoy yourself.