Go un-moderated?

Should we try making contributions un-moderated?

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Hey everyone... I have another idea for you!

We currently have a system in place which prevents regular users from adding things to PureFun without moderation. This adds time to the situation, as it could be a little while before your contribution is approved.

I'm toying with the idea of letting our contributions go un-restricted for a short span of time. This means you'd be able to add things to PureFun instantaneously. (This does not mean, however, that reviews will go un-moderated. We will always moderate reviews.)

So? What do you think?

~ Tom
Maybe certain individuals could submit stuff without being moderated, so random people couldn't upload nasty stuff <_< >_>
Yeah yeah, like a reputation system. Once you establish a good record, you can go un-moderated. But then, adding something against the Terms of Service will make your contributions moderated for a certain amount of time. =)