Good news...bad news... :P


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Hey guys, Tomato here.

Bad news first. I will no longer be able to raid during the week starting April 23rd. I know, stinks because I just came back to WoW intent on raiding, and I know it was hard just mustering enough people to even attempt to get back into it.

Good news. I start the California Highway Patrol academy on April 23rd, after waiting three long years to be hired (woohoo California budget!). It is a live in academy that lasts for 6 months and I only get weekends off.

Until the 23rd, I will be at as many raid nights as I can unless enough other people are logged in. Again, I feel bad for coming back and having to leave again so soon, but I am as excited as I have ever been for the academy to start.

Once the academy is done, depending on my schedule I will be back. I assume that by the end of October MoP will be out, or at least be close to being released, so that will be a fun new chapter for Redeemed.

Thanks again guys for being an awesome group. Hope you guys really get back into raiding in the days and weeks to come :)


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Congratulations Tomatoflames! Heh, you should also take note of Epik's license plate...and perhaps Mcfierce's plate too...