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hey there! i THINK i finally am in working order!

Name is Melody...I live in Denver and i love star wars...all things geeky just about. I have a couple toons on BC and one on Po5. SO yeah would love to get involved with other Christians that love Star Wars and such!!!!!:):cool:
Hey Melody! I'm glad you finally got over here! Are your BC toons in a guild? If you're interested in joining our guild, head over to Tribe of Judah's sign up page at and look for the "join" link on the left. I can send you a provisional invite in the meantime.

Akkando on the swtor forums
hey toon inttrigue is actually on another toons on BC are melodyann and nnaydolem


and HI!
hey sooo...i had an operation last night on Po5, but i should be on LATE later aka after 9 MST on Melodyann...please whisper me and i can bring her over to the guild. :)
Hey Melody, have you been on lately? I've been playing mostly on the Empire side lately, leveling up my Jugg, Akkando.