Group Calendar for Raids


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Hello everyone! Recently there has been some confusion about Group Calendar and Raids I've been leading and I'd like to clear things up a bit for folks. I'll try to do a better job of posting information within GC itself to help prevent confusion but here is the general info:

I try to take the folks who've been working at learning new content first to the 10 man raids I run. They've put up with all the wipes and struggles and I think it is fair for them to get the rewards of that effort first. This also tends to help progression through additional challenges within an instance as they are familiar with the fights.

I will work with those "regulars" to get them to be more consistent in signing up for the raid in GC. I know it can be frustrating to look at GC and only see 5 or 6 toons signed up so you sign up figuring we'll need some help only for the run to be "full" the night of the event, but with no additional signups in GC.

As my schedule allows I'll start trying to use the confirm by role feature, but typically I leave folks in standby unless you are one of the "regulars".

If you have a question about attending a raid please send me an in game msg. I try to check "mail" on Berstromme once a day or at a minimum every other day. I will "mail" you back answer questions, bosses to study up on etc. etc.

I do NOT use GC in a first come first served mode for raid attendance.
When selecting a sub I consider the following:
Have you raided with the group before?
Are you geared appropriately?
Do you bring a unique ability to raid?
Does your presence make more loot useful to help avoid shards?

I hope this explaination helps. I want to keep raids in the guild fun and friendly. I'm sorry to those who have forgone an SGA run or a PUG or whatever in the past expecting they had a spot in a run I've led. This is especially difficult for you since we run so late in the raid reset cycle. I'll try to do a better job of keeping GC updated. Please help me out by communicating in game with me, or posting on the various threads in the forums.
/Echoing what Mike said...

My goals for "Team Omega" are similar. I'm hoping to get a consistent core as to progress through 10man Naxx. We have a quite a few toons that have a fair amount of Naxx 10 and 25 gear that run on Mondays on this raid. From there, I would like us to pay a few visits to Ulduar for some humble pie.

GC lets me know you are available and interested in joining the run. Regretfully it does not guarantee you a raid spot. I consider regular attendees first and from there look to fill gaps in the raid with experienced (and geared) toons. Knowing some of the more complex fights helps us all out too.

As Mike mentioned, please shoot me a PM in the forums, in game mail, or chat with me if we're both on WoW with any questions!

That being said, we need some more folks for the Monday 4/27 (tomorrow) Team Omega Naxx run. :D