Guild Wars 2 Info Released!!!!

Gah, any knews on when that last profession is gonna be released? The suspense is killing me. I know "by the end of the year", but blegh lol.
More Mesmer information:

Guild Wars 2’s mesmer does a very similar thing but in a very different way, as the game is very different. The game is a lot about positioning and seeing things in the world and movement. The mesmer does that in a Guild Wars 2 way. The best way to describe that is through his main mechanic, which is these illusions that he summons. In Guild Wars 1, we had hexes. You just put them on guys, and they just sat on their interface. They didn’t know what it was unless they moused over it and read it. In Guild Wars 2, you summon these illusions in the world. It’s stuff that you actually have to deal with. At the same time, it means that everyone can deal with it, and everyone can look around and see what the mesmer is doing, but they don’t necessarily know what it is.
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Are you worried that there will be a definitively accepted meta group of professions rendering the no-trinity system effectively useless?
The combat just isn't built that way. I know we say it so often, it gets annoying, but honestly learning to play your build is so much more important than your actual build.
The lack of trinity comes from forcing flexibility in combat. Trinity doesn't promote team play it forces team dependencies. That is something we really wanted to avoid, and so people will say we got rid of it to get rid of the LFG stuff, but the real reason is because we want people to play TOGETHER, not next to each other...

How do you "win" WvWvW? What is the main objective?

There is a score system based on which objectives you hold. Score happens every so often and you gain points for each objective based on how big it is. At the end of the two weeks the team with the highest score "wins." As you gain these points you pass thresholds of score that give your server worldwide bonuses, so really EVERYONE wins! can still have minion masters, but there is a cap on the # of minion skills you can have on your bar, as they only appear in the heal/utility/elite skills.

Will weather be dynamic in GW 2 (i.e with clouds forming rain or snow randomly happening), and will sky be dynamic (clouds passing by etc not just a backgound picture)?
Weather can sometimes be random and sometimes is affected by specific events. For example, there is a huge snowstorm that occurs on one of the maps when a specific event is failed. This snowstorm then kicks off a new chain of events as players deal with the effects of

Right now we're working a lot on guild features, balance, finishing content, and, most importantly, figuring out what to eat for lunch.
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I already planned on an Asuran mesmer to be my second character. Human ranger is first :) Yay for new mesmer wallpaper for my desktop.
Oh Yes! WvW

Even better, you continue to gain experience and new items while playing in the Mists. Players you kill will drop loot for you just like slain monsters in PvE. The player that was killed doesn’t lose any of their own equipment—that would suck—so you’ll never need to worry about losing your favorite rare weapon if you are defeated in WvW. Even better, any gear that is dropped for you will be level appropriate. You can improve your character’s weapons and armor as you fight!

This quote just guaranteed I will be spending a lot of time in WvW.
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