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Hey anybody want to start back in on GW1? I just got my computer back up and running and I'd like to have another go at it. I also have GW2 if there is a guild i can join there?
I bounce between the two. Mostly in GW2. Check out the forum section for GW2 - Legacy of Elijah for an invite to the GW2 guild. I am also interested in joining the GW1 guild SoE for when I am in there working on HoM. GW1 IGN - Pneuma Seer

Sorry running late on stuff, will take care of it later Pneuma.

edit: Invite sent for SOE because I am not officer on SoE, same difference really. Spirit of Elijah is sister guild to Spirit of Elisha. I still check this thread every now and again and log in every 2 weeks or so. Guild Leader in SOE so can take care of everything there.
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