GW1 Night


Ok, so a lot of folks have posted here saying they have picked up the original game and are playing, so I figured it would be nice to have a Guild Wars 1 night.

I'll be in Guild Wars on Wednesday evening and I'll be available to answer all your questions, help with missions, free minis, etc. My character name is "Akyra Raven". Add me to your friends list. I'll also be on teamspeak for questions.
Right on. Now that I have read up and understand that I am still in the tutorial (and don't really need to stay there for completion purposes) I should be into Prophecies when I play next. I will pop on Wednesday night as well. Toon name is Valia Sarona (unless I reroll lol)

I'm mostly there to play through Prophecies and EotN, while getting some HoM points (Im really only after the first 6 for the Heritage skins).
Ok, i'm ingame but haven't seen anyone else for an hour or so. If no one is really interested i'll hop back to gw2.
I popped in between 8-9pm PST and didnt see you on. I moved my character over to post-searing and quested a bit. I switched back to GW2 to keep working on QJ achievs.

If you do find that you have a spare mini or two, my character name is Artec Sarona. I think I only need a green and a gold to get the remainder of my heritage skins unlocked.

I didnt see anyone else on from Spirit of Elijah.
I need to go back to GW - one more point in HM and I reach an achievement. One more and I become GWAMM.

It is nice to see you in the forum, Raven.
Hey there, I was on around 6pm EST to about 7:30pm and back on again around 8:30pm to about 9:30pm. I never saw anyone else on either so I just figured no one was really interested and left. By 8pm PST I was most likely in bed.

I don't know if i have any green and gold minis. Those are more expensive and rarer to get, but there are other ways of earning your points. Have you checked your HoM calculator? Also get Ursen to invite you into the guild if you haven't already.
I got an invite into Spirit of Elijah.

I'm slowly working my way through the campaign and aiming at some of the other possible point getters. The wikis have some good ideas on faster/cheaper ways to get points.