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Started this blog for the people new to Guild Wars 2. Currently doing a series chronicling the news of GW2 from 2007 on. Also having a friend contribute, and he is going through EotN and documenting Hall of Monuments progress.

Eventually we will post current news along with the two series we are working on.

We are both new to blogging, and only speak bad English. And write it too. And start sentences with ''and''.

Posting here in the CGA forums as I am an active member of the WoW chapter, and would love some of the wonderful people here to start following the blog and help spread the word.

Hey thanks Prophet! Greatly appreciated.

Also, I just posted a link to a Skills Tool. Head over to the blog and check it out, it is an awesome preview of whats to come for weapons skills, underwater skills and downed skills.

I would greatly appreciate it also if you helped spread the word about the blog site. Facebook, G+, Twitter, anything! Thanks!