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For those interested in forming the ToJ Galactic Republlic Guild, feel free to use this forum to introduce yourself and start up any discussions you would like.

PM me if you have ideas for the guild and would like to be in a leadership role.

Check out the official site at http://swtor.com/

Guild particulars will be worked out as activity builds and/or launch time approaches.
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At the end of 2008 when SWTOR was announced, I was prematurely excited. I was soon disappointed and dismayed at how far away launch was, and still appears to be. However, with the new guild recruitment feature the SWTOR website has appropriated, I think it is time for the light side guild to get it's wheels rolling. I plan on spending a little less time on my XBOX and putting some time into getting this guild up and running. More info will follow, for now the plan is to get registered with the official site, which I just did. This guild will be on a PVP server, but PVE and RP are equally welcome. As far as the guild name, I chose to play off of our sith guild, which is already well in motion and seems to have done an awesome job on their website. Since they named themselves "Called From Darkness", the light side guild name will be "Into The Light".
1 Pet 2:9b "...that you may proclaim the excellencies of him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light."

More info to follow