Hey! Put Knoppix in the download area!


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Knoppix is linux that runs off a disc! it's really cool, nobody should be witout it, it's very handy. It's free/legal cause it's linux, and it doesn't use your HD for anything (at least, it doesn't leave anything on your HD)! It's extremely cool and everyone should get it. go here http://www.knoppix.com/ and click on downloads, then select a mirror and get "KNOPPIX_V3.6-2004-08-16-EN.iso" ! All you have to do once you burn it is reboot your computer with the disc in the drive (and make sure you have your CD drive before your Hard Drive in your boot sequence).
Lsat time i touched anything to do with Booting up I checked on freaking checkbox and it made me roformat my pc....
wow, that's rough... what could you possibly have done in the boot sequence that would cause that much damage? Well either way, just try it, it's cool, you don't have to mess with your boot sequence, but if knoppix doesn't boot off the cd, that's what's wrong.
dude i like that idea ive been wanting to try it on a few pcs i have. i'll dl it later.
Tell me why Linux is better then windows? Will i Have to reinstall everything? and then wont i have to go get lunix drivers for everything??
Linux is better than windows because A) it's free and B) it's much more stable. No, like I said it doesn't mess with the data on your hard drive, it runs completely off the disc, you won't have to reinstall anything, and it comes with all the drivers built in! Most hardware works with knoppix automaticaly. The only work you will have to do is burn the iso file with a program like nero, and then restart your computer with the disc in the drive.
There's really no reason not to have it. Everyone who has looked at this thread, and hasn't gotten it should be ashamed of themselfves! Seriously, if you've ever burned an ISO file then you know how to do that, and if you've ever installed windows you know how to boot from the CD drive.
Knoppix is pretty cool, everyone should give it a try just to see it once. If you don't like it thats ok, it's just a big geek thing to run linux. Linux has its own uses, hosting servers among other things. The linux desktop has yet to break out in to the market. It isn't for everyone.
knoppix is cool but there are so many good mirrors and faster than ccgr I can link but no need to host...
Oh, and never use the linspire livecd, it sucks.

I downloaded two windows live cd's, i hate yet to try them though.