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I'm doing a research report for English about Honor. While my knowledge about the Bible is small i do know that honor is something that comes up right? and other than the 10 commandments (Honor your mom and dad) i have no clue where any honor kind of thing would come up.

If you guys know anything plz dont hesitate to help out ;). And it is a paper so i do need cites if you guys can. Thanks so much! =D


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David and Galioth.
Sal to Paul(I don't know what that one is called where Sal was blinded by god and changed his name to Paul)
The Lords Prayer itself

Need I go on?


I checked my study Bible - it has references to just about everything... here's what I found:

Ex 20:12 Honor your father and your mother (also Dt 5:16, Mt 15:4, Eph 6:2)
Nu 25:13 he was zealous for the honor of his God
1Sa 2:30 Those who honor me I will honor
Ps 8:5 and crowned him with glory and honor
Pr 3:9 Honor the LORD with your wealth
Pr 15:33 and humility comes before honor
Pr 20:3 it is to a man's honor to avoid strife
Ro 12:10 Honor one another above yourselves
1Co 6:20 Therefore honor God with your body
1Ti 5:17 well are worthy of double honor
Heb 2:7 you crowned him with glory and honor
Rev 4:9 honor and thanks to him who sits

1Th 4:4 body in a way that is holy and honorable

Heb 13:18 and desire to live honorably in every way

Ps 12:8 when what is vile is honored among men
Pr 13:1 but whoever heeds correction is honored
1Co 12:26 if one part is honored, every part rejoices
Heb 13:4 Marriage should be honored by all

Ps 15:4 but honors those who fear the LORD
Pr 14:31 to the needy honors God.

I'm not sure exactly what usage you're looking for, so there is every reference from the NIV translation about honor, honored, honoring, etc.


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ok, thanks a lot guys. i'm still not really sure what i'm gonna do but i'll find something, thanks for the info! :D


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I hope Im not to late and I hope this is of help but the New testament period was a Honour/Shame society where honour was a commodity like money. In other words honour was only around in limited amounts thus rich people worked really hard at gaining honour in order not to get shame. One of the ways of doing this was to be a patron to poor people where if they lived right you would gain honour from their actions. Of course this had its dangers where a client could do something shameful and thus bring shame to the patron. Thus the patron would, when he got a new client, send a letter to them explaining how they were to live and then would send one of his own household to live amongst the client to show them how to live. This sets the scene for Galations were Paul suggests God is our patron and we are his client. God sent his letter to us to tell us how to live (i.e. The Old Testament) before he sent his son to show us how to live. This means that anything Jesus says superseeds the Old Testament and more importantly for your purposes suggests that we should live as Jesus did so that we can bring Honour to God.