Hotfix - Nice little merchant change


Tribe of Judah Membership Administrator
We have updated the method in which stores will display their inventory. The purchasable checkbox has been replaced with a drop down menu of filter choices for the store display. The default filter is 'Useful Now or Later’ and presents all items on the store that can be used by the character currently or at some point in the future. The next filter is ‘Useful Now’ which will filter the list down to only items that the character currently meets the requirement to use. The last filter is ‘Show All’ which will include all items that the store can sell, regardless of whether the player can use the item.

In addition to the filters, stores will now ask players to verify their intent to purchase for items that that character can never use. This message does not have an option to be turned off to ensure that players are prompted in this situation and do not purchase something they cannot use.

Great for scanning through Renown gear. :p
That's a nice change. Always disliked having to scroll through everything just to find something I could use later.
It sounds like the Useful Later option is gonna turn out really useful at higher level RRs. I've gotten used to wasting time hitting view all equipment. Nice work Mythic..but....this should have been in place years ago! I think this update should allow for tipping the merchants for reducing shopping time and increasing playing time!