Hey Zebedee , I'm not sure who from ToJ is still playing warhammer , I've basically stopped playing P2P mmo's due to lack of time now and went to guild wars due to it's not as grindy and F2P . As for the game itself I know Keero left prolly for the same reason sI did low activity and recruitment not really picking up .

I heard that mythic bio ware is at a gaming convention and have plans to release a rvr expansion type pack but not many details were given .
Nah, it's just that I accomplished and saw everything I wanted to in Warhammer. I enjoyed it tons but I decided to go back and check out my PS3 games and get that chapter back up and running, waiting for other MMOs at the time being. Kinda tired of the vanilla combat system in 90% of these games. :p

Oh, college in 2 weeks again, taking Japanese, mainly so I can import handheld/PS3 games. XD