I'm looking for what people may think of a video I made and if its good enough to make more.


Seems cool to me. Nice commentating voice. There are some cool skillet songs that would make nice LoL background songs. For example, 'Savior' lyrics proclaim 'your gonna need a Savior' and you could show video of you helping out your teammates out of bad situations. Not sure if that could be done, but it would be a fun one and could integrate with scriptures quite nicely.


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Very helpful! I enjoy playing an hour or two after the kids go to bed. But the community can be quite toxic. It seemed crazy to me that I would play a game where others might heap abuse on me when I had done nothing at all, or maybe it was there fault . . . . or the occasional time I carried the loss with deaths :) Strangely, I watched my teenage son play and he was good at playfully tossing funny replies to others giving out harsh insults. It was actually a great way to show confidence in Christ, and defuse with humor, then clearly provide cohesion for his team, calming the divisive one and increasing the chance to win. I would love to see more videos like this. Would love to show my teenage sons, as they go there own spiritual journey. Thanks for sharing it. Tell me if there are more to be found.