I'mmm Back


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Hey gang I wanted to take a break from WoW until WoD comes out, so I re-sub my swtor account. I made 2 new toons wopr and Anecth. I'll be on most of the week. I need to re-learn on how to play and I see theres new basic gear out so I will need to get my 55's gear up to par and I want to learn the new space stuff and I guess theres some new content I need to check on. Lots of cool stuff I want to dive into. c U guys in game take care!!!
Hey! Welcome back! I was thinking about you the other day on Hoth when I was taking my Juggernaut and some other toons to the various tauntaun nests. I know a few folks are still grateful for all that work you did getting all those data cards.
Thanks gang!! I started back up with 2 new toons Anceth and Wopr. I forgot how much fun the game is. I'm having a blast, I might even get a imp started maybe a spy or a BH or maybe both :). I cancel out my WoW account and re-sub TOR, so TOR is my main game and will be on it daily. See you guys out there.