Imperialism 2: Age of Exploration


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A while back, my dad was looking for something at CompUSA, and I was browsing through the Mac games. I found a 4.99 game, and I convinced my dad to get it for me. Flash to home, where I boot up Imperialism 2, the game I bought. It is super hard for me, a young 10-year old strategy gamer(I'm not ten anymore). So, we buy the strategy guide online through By this time, I have uninstalled the game. So, after I read the manual, I reinstall it, and an error comes up on the screen, before I even really start playing. It says that Game.IRmodem needs to be connected. And it won't run. The game has frozen up. A year later, my parents just bought a new iMac for both my sister and me. I install Imperialism, thinking that because my computer does not have a modem, there won't be a problem. Stupid me. There is a problem. Same alert. I really don't want to throw this game out, because I have never really played it, but if this is the problem, I don't know what else to do. Please give me some suggestions. thanks.
I thought everything worked on Macs and they had no problems like PCs? I don't know what to tell you. It is intesting that you had the same problem on multiple Macs. Were you by any chance using the same version of MACOS on both computers? Is it possible there is a compatability issue?
Well, it was the same version of Mac OS. I've never had a problem in a game like this before. Every other hybrid game that I've installed has never brought an error like this up. In fact, the game used to work, but for some reason, the error came up. Anyway, I guess its not that important. Just wanted to know if anyone could help.
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