Infant Baptism?

I know it's an old topic and I honestly haven't ready every post here, but I thought I'd throw out some additional info. I was raised in the Nazarene church, was a member of Pentecostal church in my 20s, and then was a member in a Southern Baptist church for several years after I was married. The topic of Baptism opened a can of worms that forced my wife and I to question why we believed what we believed. Long story short, after a LOT of research, Bible study, journaling, discussion, and prayer, we're now Lutheran.

Based on skimming of the posts, I saw some references to RC Sproul, who I think is Presbyterian, and some references to Catholics. There are a number of denominations that historically have practiced infant baptism too. Many may share common beliefs on it, but there are also quite a few variances from what the Lutherans believe. If you want to know what and why Lutherans believe what they do, look at the Large Catechism.

Here's a good Bible-based article to summarize what Lutherans believe about infant Baptism. It may be best to address your questions, specifically about infant baptism.

The following video blogs are from a Lutheran pastor and discuss Baptism

There are actually quite a few. Just do a search on youtube for worldview everlasting and baptism.