Interested in a raid team


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I'm interested in being part of a raid team. I don't care where we start at but I want a group of people that work at progressing through raids together. Not LFR style, but a group that helps each other to do their best and cares about one another.

It seems that Quality Wipes isn't around anymore. (I haven't seen activity on the boards since September, and no response to posts.) So I expect this means starting from scratch. If you're interested what days and times work for you? (Use server time)

Each person would need:
Level 90 character (Gear level doesn't matter)
Teamspeak (at least able to hear)
Forum access

I've got a level 90 Pally tank that misses raiding since WoLK. My wife has a rogue to bring.

Best time for us is probably Saturday nights. About 9 PM server time. We're West Coast, so later times are better.

This is being posted Dec 30th. I'll keep an eye out for responses until Jan 6th.

I'd be willing to fill gaps if I am around when you are raiding, but I cannot commit to a schedule.

I have plenty of playtime in game but never any that is specifically set aside. Kids and my wife are free to tug me away at any point.

If you do get a raid team running, I will be happy to help support raiders with enchants/glyphs/mats for flasks/etc as needed (mind you I am happy to help with that regardless).
Hey Steve,

Adam, Anita, and I are running with an SGA group that is doing Flex every Saturday night starting @ 7 server. We're clearing Wing 1 easily, but need to bump up our overall DPS in order to get through the first boss of Wing 2. Let us know if you'd like to join us sometime.

As further interest rekindles, I'd be open to starting another group but we need people ready to commit to a schedule, advancing their toons, researching fights, etc.