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I grew up a pen and paper game player, never really saw or understood allot of the misconceptions of it. From there, I moved to tossing cards with Magic:The Gathering. My wife and I used to play this allot. Now that we have kids, its no longer as viable as it used to be to do, but I have dabbled some in M:TG Online. Since this is a game review forum, I would like to get your thoughts on it. I still have all my old cards, I'm a junk collector of sorts. (comics, cards, ect)




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As long as it remains simply a way to have fun, yet not the main focus of your time, energy, or money, I don't see a problem with it. That always seems to me to be the main problem associated with things of the "magic" orientation; it isn't necessarily just that in the game you control creatures and magic. The problem tends to be that people involved with such things allow it to envelope their time, money and energy, until the game is an idol. During my freshman year in high school, I started playing parents never had a problem with the game itself, just the fact that I spent all my time and money on it at the expense of my grades (and to this day I thank them for selling all my

Now, you're a grown man, and you're older than me, so it might be moot to give you "advice", per se. But, I don't see that it's come between you and God, or you and your wife and kids for that matter.


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Quote[/b] ](and to this day I thank them for selling all my

Ouch...probably the best thing at the time. I've thought about giving mine away several times as we no longer play but heck, I can't help but think they might be worth something someday. So they sit, in a duffle bag, in a ceder chest waiting.



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If you want to get rid of them, you could try a local card shop.

As for the game itself, I can't really comment. My parents have always thought it was bad, so I never played it. I don't know if I agree with them or not though, as I've never played it, nor had much experience seeing others play.