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As I was looking through the bank sorting it out I came very close to just deleting my extra experience scrolls. With the character slot sales and using one to start a new character but not wanting to buy enough slots to use all my scrolls I decided to investigate and see if there was any way to use the extra ones to my advantage. The answer is skill points and this web site. . Use the new character to burn an experience scroll then with the "free" skill points make gold. Search through the sheet under the "view this resource" button and make sure you look through the different materials as there are different sheets for rare, fine, and common materials. I made about 60s per skill point when I finally figured it out. Only wish I had found this site earlier....

Edit: One experience scroll netted me about 6 gold total profit(could very easily make more). If you research the materials first before you buy anything(unlike me) 60s@18 skill points = 10+ gold. This does not include the price of the character slot (which I would have bought anyway).

Edit 2: You can do this with extra skill points on any character as well. Just thought it was a neat way to actually use those extra experience scrolls.
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Finally really took a look at this, and it is very interesting.

My big question is how you go about selling. For example, at the moment the spread sheet lists promoting bone chips to bone shards at about 60s/skill point at low risk. With that one skill point, you'd be promoting about 500 chips to 160 shards. When I look at the TP, there are only a few bone shards at the cheapest sell point. I'm pretty unaware of how to work the TP, besides the most basic buying and selling. Wouldn't dropping 160 of something like that risk dumping the price of them when there's usually only a dozen on the TP at any given price point?

When trying to convert skill points to gold this way, is it a matter of doing very small amounts over time? Or can you really convert a batch of skill points quickly?