Is Sega, super sensative?


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I currently own Sega Saturn and Sega DreamCast.  One of the connectors are the same, ends at the video connector from the TV to the back of the console.

It extremely annoys me when the back part, its a small square, shape-like-chip, I have to have that small square thingy leaning on something hard like a bench, or chair, or my pair of shoes!

if you look at the page 6, Stereo AV Cable (supplied), it has that square thingy, that square thingy drives me nuts!

If i put it left or right, screen goes back, if I put it down, only sound, no picture, if I put it about 25 degrees up, it works, 1 degree off, it goes bad!

Now, is that normal for it to be Super sensative, or is that a real problem?
you might want to try getting a new cable that should not be happening, or it could be a problem with the unit you are pluggin it into, try a different TV or if it is the dreamcast try a different system if you can.
When I brought Sega Saturn, brand new, with the original box, the square thingy still had a problem, so, if Saturn has it, so would DreamCast...

Its the console, LoJ. Same effect with all TV. No loose wires, no bents, no scratches, no wire cuts, but I did buy the DreamCast used since...No store in the world had it at 2002!

Funny, it cost me $250 for the system, 2 controllers, 6 games and 1 memory card. X_X

I could always get those cd's where I can import dreamcast games into the PlayStation, which is very cool.
Not an RPG type gamer, my friend is, though.

I dont think they had that game anyways. I got; Silent Scope, Sega Rally 2, Marvel Vs Capcom 2, Dynamite Cop, Quake 3 Arena, AeroWings 2.
Im probably the biggest Sega fanboy here. Ive been playing Sega's stuff since 92 and my first system was a genesis.