I've got a sweet tooth

Abba San

Legacy of Elijah [LoE] - Proud Grandfather
I'm working on the Sweet Tooth title. I have tons of booze and a lot of party to trade - 1:1 - if anyone needs either of those.

I'll be in-game tonight and Friday and Saturday. Look for Abba Lahav. Or post here and I'll look for you.
Gotta check, but think I've got a stash of peppermint cc's (2 points each) I no longer need. No need for anything in return.
oh boy - oh boy - I will make a point of being online Saturday afternoon and evening.

Tonight is Avengers night.
Congratulations. But I still say babies are mess machines. Ya puts an unidentifiable mess in one end, and get an unidentifiable mess out the other end.:p
I got my Sweet Tooth title this week. That makes 29. One more to go

Most likely Survivor or Kurzick.
Says you...I've not had much luck with it thus far...but willing to learn.