Left 4 Dead 2 game night to celebrate The Last Stand update?


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Would anyone be interested in a Left 4 Dead 2 game night soon to celebrate the release of The Last Stand update?
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friday nights might be the best for a few weeks
Right now, I'm thinking we might do one game night earlier in the week (maybe Monday night?) and one on Friday night. I might not be able to play in the game night earlier in the week, but we could still use Steam or the CGA Discord to gather and coordinate the game lobby.

I should be able to make a Friday night game night on October 2.
Our regular game night is on Friday at 8:30 central (though we almost always start 30 minutes later). Meet in the CGA Discord voice channel. If you idle out of it don't be surprised if we overlook you. Normally we have limited slots available due to the games we play so I've told the regulars we may split into two, those that want to play L4D2, and those that want something else. Considering the interest, and how L4D2 can scale with VS or running two games, we should be able to work something out, I hope XD.
I'd be interested, and should be available in the evening on 10/2
I plan to play tomorrow (Friday, 10/2) evening as well.

I probably won't be on until after 9 p.m. Central (10 p.m. Eastern, 7 p.m. Pacific), though.

I plan to use Discord and Steam to organize groups for L4D2, but I'm going to try to remember to post to social media once we have a start time locked in.
So I'm trying to prepare a bit so playing this goes smoothly but I'm a bit confused. Here is a copy paste from the LFD2 discord to explain...

The Mighty GerbilToday at 6:26 AM
Pardon me but I am basically a lfd2 newb having not really played in years. Basically which maps are new in the update and how do I get to them because I've been googling and looking at the lfd2 menu for the past hour and I cannot tell beyond the Last Stand campaign and the one junkyard survival map. Just not seeing anything that would equate to 26 new names and I am quite confused, sorry for the dumb.

HeavensToday at 6:27 AM
Survival- campaigns and u see all those campaigns
[6:27 AM]
Each have like 2-3

The Mighty GerbilToday at 6:27 AM

HeavensToday at 6:27 AM
Dead center has a new one too
[6:27 AM]
Besides atrium

The Mighty GerbilToday at 6:27 AM
but is there a listing somewhere because I can't find one

HeavensToday at 6:28 AM
Don't u see them when u pick survival? the campaigns(edited)

The Mighty GerbilToday at 6:28 AM
yes but I've no idea which ones are new or old ones

HeavensToday at 6:29 AM
Well all Left 4 dead 1 campaigns besides no mercy didn't had a survival map before the update(edited)
[6:29 AM]
So those
[6:29 AM]
Plus cold stream
[6:29 AM]
And the other campaigns got one more map
[6:30 AM]
Plus the 4 scavenge maps but that's it
[6:30 AM]
Plus last stand ones

The Mighty GerbilToday at 6:32 AM
k so confusing. I'd have thought after all the work put into this they'd give a list but even the patch notes do not indicate which specifically XD . Thank you though.

HeavensToday at 6:32 AM
Np, yea it can be a bit confusing
[6:32 AM]
The left4dead2 wiki should say all maps but idk if that was updated

The Mighty GerbilToday at 6:33 AM
Twas googling but could not find a page that did.

Unless someone shows who knows which are new it's going to be be somewhat guesswork as to which maps are the new ones. If you are like me you'll remember playing a map but not the name.
Unless someone shows who knows which are new it's going to be be somewhat guesswork as to which maps are the new ones. If you are like me you'll remember playing a map but not the name.
I was going to be lazy and just run The Last Stand campaign.

But you're right, this did warrant a little more research ahead of tomorrow's game night. Thanks for the info, Gerbil!
Let's play L4D2 tonight!

I plan to be in the #game-on channel on the CGA Discord server tonight around 9 p.m. Central (10 p.m. Eastern, 7 p.m. Pacific) to put a group together for a campaign or Versus match.
Thanks to @Kidan, @Sarugon, and @shadetaker for a great (but difficult!) clear of The Last Stand campaign tonight. Kidan and I didn't quite make it to the rescue boat, but we were close! There's always next time. :)

And for those who didn't make it tonight, I imagine we'll be playing L4D2 more often for a while as we explore the new content in the latest update.