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In discussing names for our run, adam and I came up with the name of "leftovers". We figure that our run will be filled with guildies and others who aren't saved to icc25 yet. (or have been left out of runs or passed over for some reason and have their saves "leftover")

We ran with 13 guildies and 14 sga'ers (some subs) and were very successful. We started late (didn't fill until 2:40) but rolled over everything on our way to one-shotting the first four bosses. The raid was scheduled to be over by 4:00 but we did take down the mini boss for one more frost badge and downed a couple extra mobs for rep for someone.

We'd like to start invites by 1:30 next week and extend the run time until 4:30 so we can hopefully do 6-8 of 12. (rotface, fester, prof. putricide, dreamwalker or perhaps the blood wing). If you have no experience with those bosses please view tank spot videos as we can save a bunch of time if we don;t have to do long explanations

Hope to see you there!!
It was a fun run, sorry I had to leave early.

Everyone did great, wasn't able to to stay for the last boss but the first three were downed with else with very few deaths at all.
I was in the same boat as Vig; took quite awhile to get going but was highly enjoyable when we did start plowing through. Sorry I had to jump out right before Saurfang but that's life. Once a month I will have to miss this run due to leading worship at our 1:30 service but I think this should work for the most part.
Thank you for organizing the run! I hope that we'll be able to attend next weekend as well, but it's possible that we won't be able to go.

I can bring any character that the raid needs as I usually am not in a regular 25 on any of mine (though I am listed as a sub for Eyes of Justice on my druid and a sub for Order of the Red Baron on my priest).
Sept 26 run went quite well...we were on our way by a couple minutes after 2 and finished off saurfang with about an hour to learn fester. We did wipe on deathwhisper but it was at that point that I realized that the noob raid leader had an undergeared player tanking..after the switch things went more smoothly and we even finished the weekly. We tried festergut, but alas he stunk up the joint too much and we weren;t successful in taking him down.

Interesting stats -

20 guildies made the run and 6 sga'ers (we had a sub at lootship)

from what I can tell 6 of our raid members had never seen or downed fester so they all got a little bit more experience - should make for an easier time next week.

16 of the raid were what armory considers green for ICC25, 5 yellow and 5 red (last week we had 17 green, 6 yellow and 1 red and 2 unknown) so we seem to be keeping to our 2/3 gear/experience 1/3 nooberifics fairly well
I would also like to tag this thread with the possibility of continuing the 25 ICC on Sunday evening - probably forming at 8 pm (kids going to bed). This would give people the opportunity to keep trying to take down a boss we may have been stuck on or just to see how far we can push. There is only so much you can accomplish in the alloted time slot and this would be a way for people to keep going if they want.

We want everyone who was in the raid to obviously have first crack at re-entering but will also be a chance for others that still haven't gotten saved to an ICC 25 to be able to jump in. So for those of you that find it hard to make the afternoon one you may be able to still get in; just further into ICC and later in the same day.

If I am barking up the wrong tree please let me know but from just a quick check after the raid was over it seemed there may be some interest.

I have experience in ICC but am not an experienced raid leader so if anyone else wants to step into that position that's cool. If I must lead it then please have patience with me as I will have to learn all the 'mechanics'. I would also appreciate if someone could teach me how to make a TS3 spam for our server info :)

TF first, sga next and hopefully don't have to pug too many. I have been getting to know quite a few people on Terenas due to raiding habits (on at the same time) and multiple random teaming where names are becoming familiar just from getting on same groups repeatedly. I am a pretty social person but also think if we remain only internally focused then it limits our ministry and witness opportunities. Consider me a 'reach out and touch someone' type :) I just remember how I felt the first time I came across the Tribforce server on CS and had the "more Christian gamers!" sort of bright light. (sorry for the rabbit trail)

So, you don't have to respond here - just look for a "Leftovers continuation on ICC 25" on Sunday evenings if it perks your interest :)
For those that were there at the raid great job, and great job leading the raid. I'm going to link a meter. For those that don't raid much let me explain. This meter isn't about who was top dps, heals, tank etc. (Yes it will show you that) but, more so for you to look at your own performance. You can dig into the data and see when/how you died, buffs you had up, procs, misses, crit rates etc. As a raid leader I use it to try to figure out where/why we die when trying new content when in real time it seems a mystery. I post this with that clarification because it isn't about bragging. If someone is similar class spec look at their performance, ratio of spells/attacks, how does yours compare? Maybe you need to assess your rotation to get more dps, more heals etc. etc. Oh yeah one more thing, if you took a lot of damage on a fight and aren't a tank...figure out why.

Anyway here it is: http://www.wowmeteronline.com/combat/log/1895407
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Thanks Mike I was hoping you would be running that. This tool is amazing for critiquing your own performance, especially in comparison to others in your grouping (and class ideally). Joe did ask us about continuing the run and I have no objections but it is not associated to our Left Over run so I would prefer to see follow up discussions on another thread just to keep things clear in that respect. I was very pleased to see more TF out this time and the ratios more closely matched of 2/3 experienced and 1/3 not. It has been mentioned a few times and it bears repeating, this is not a progression run but for time with family and friends. Anita and I look forward to next Sunday.
Oct 3rd run went fairly well. We had a couple of rough edges we needed to smooth out on Marrowgar (Adam noobered up the first pull by forgetting which role he was playing and putting on dps gear instead of tank gear and we didn't realize that John hadn't seen the 25 man versions of the fights). After a couple wipes there we one shotted deathwhisper, lootship and saurfang on our way to figuring out the mechanics of the fester fight. We didn't quite have the dps for fester (he enraged before we could down him at 10% or so) so perhaps those of you who dps could research a bit on how you can get more dps whether it be in your rotation, or gear that you could buy (tokens) craft or get as drops in heroics..we basically needed each of our dps to put out 1000 more damage per second to have downed fester. We then took a look at rotface and had a fairly good second attempt but the big oozes were oozing into the middle of the raid..we'll get the mechanics of that fight down too. We then 16 manned the xtra frost boss.

Interesting stats .. 8 of the raid were in the low to mid gear range and at least 4 of the members hadn't seen fester before.

14 of the raid were Forgiven members (2 others were willing to come but weren't available until after the raid was full) Apparently in Cataclysm we would only get credited (guild achievements) if 20 of the 25 are guild members so we could work on this.
One point of note is that Patch 4.01 is going to institute raid lockouts for 10/25 for ICC and RS, meaning that you'll only be able to down a boss in either instance *once* in a raid-lockout period, i.e. every seven days. This means that characters that are currently in a regular ICC-10 may not be able to attend the Leftovers ICC-25.

MMO-Champion posted that because a new 4.01 build on the PTR was pushed over the weekend it's doubtful we'll see the patch tomorrow, as was speculated endlessly, meaning that we'll probably have yet another shot this upcoming weekend of using any available unsaved ICC-25 character. It *is* likely that the patch will be released next Tuesday.

As to DPS on Festergut, I'll take my own personal blame for moving to a spore spot and not doing my utmost to resume DPS until going back to my landing spot. I hope to do better next time. I did better DPS on Festergut last week with Moredhel and maybe it would have been better if I hadn't brought my priest into the fray, but we appeared to be very melee-heavy and thought that having the extra ranged DPS plus the extra heals from Vampiric Embrace would help the raid more. Live (or die) and learn, I guess...
Thanks for the meters Mike, I did try and do some research to get my dps up and it seems I improved a little over last week's raid. I honestly think we couldn't get past Fester or Rot simply because of fight mechanics. When people are not familiar with a fight they tend to end up scrambling which means lost dps time. I would also love to raise my dps by 1k by next week but don't see that as reality. But you can bet I'll do my best. I am curious how many of the 8 in low to mid gear were dps, or if some of those were heals as well. Our healers seemed quite impressive so it just makes me think all (me included) the dps need to bump up a bit.

This is so much fun and I hope we get more TF on board to run this. Looking forward to an all guild ICC 25 someday!
One point of note is that Patch 4.01 is going to institute raid lockouts for 10/25 for ICC and RS, meaning that you'll only be able to down a boss in either instance *once* in a raid-lockout period, i.e. every seven days. This means that characters that are currently in a regular ICC-10 may not be able to attend the Leftovers ICC-25.

As odd as it sounds would this be Blizzard's way to try and encourage people to resume started raids, even if they are PUG's? There are probably people that want certain gear on the first 4 bosses that then hold out joining a raid mid-run because they want another go at the beginning loot.

The only positives I see in this at the moment is it will steer people into learning Ruby Sanctum and quite possibly push people to try and make it further into ICC. Good thing we aren't a 'big raiding guild' though as I am sure this will tick off quite a few players in that section of the game. Weren't raiding guilds already put at odds when Blizzard made gear so much easier to attain? Their epic gear wasn't so epic when more people could be seen walking around in it (my guess).
Blizzard's goal with the move to one kill per boss per week is two-fold:

1) With identical loot drops between 10 and 25, people will no longer feel compelled to run 25s to get better rewards. People will be free to choose whether or not they want to raid with a large group or a more intimate one.
2) It will help Blizzard to better control how fast people acquire justice points.

I won't make a cynical comment here in regard to point 2 (but you may guess why I feel that way) but point 1 is quite valid and I applaud Blizzard's thinking in this direction.

Unfortunately, the identical loot table will *not* happen with ICC and RS, so when you choose whether or not to run a 10 or 25, you are choosing to lock yourself out of one loot table or the other...
Yeah, Dan's right. The system is somewhat broken in ICC and RS, as the loot isn't the same.

What it means for me, however, is that I can run an ICC-10 alt run and beat my head against LK.

Once again we had a bit of a hiccup when it came to marrowgar (maybe we need to clear all the trash before him to get ppl warmed up) but we downed him the second time and cruised on past saurfang to festergut. Fester fell to our might (3rd attempt if memory serves) and we had time to get a chance at Rotface. We did quite well until about 30% when things started getting messy :).

Of the 29 ppl who were involved in the raid (one person switched toons, had a couple drop) 19 were guildies and 10 were sga.

9 of the invitees were what I would classify as low/medium gear and of those, 8 were of low/medium experience as well. So we're still on target with providing about 1/3 of the raid spots to those who might not otherwise be invited.

we started on time and ended at 4:30 on the dot.

much talk about pie!
One change we will have to insist on is the use of TS3. I will be asking for you to be on in order to run. There might be exceptions but that is up to the discretion of the RL. We need ppl on, silly mistakes were being made which would be corrected, in time, if they were on.
Grats on Festergut! Sorry I couldn't be there but glad to hear you guys are having positive results!