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question for any raiding locks out there, which is the way to go destro or affliction now.

as for priests, holy or disc?
i have played them all and enjoy both, just wasn't sure which was best for raiding even though it will be a bit before i jump back into it.

thx for the info.

and btw laess, all my 80s are dual spec, just they are specific to what i need. shadow priest and healer and demon and dps for my lock.
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as for healing, if you are dual speccd shadow you prolly want to do holy. The new disc spec (if you are "atonement" speccd - also known as "smite" build) is a dps(ish) healer. You need to cast smites on mobs to take advantage of quite a few spells which buff your heals..smite itself has a splash effect called atonement that heals the lowest surrounding player, it stacks an evangelism buff called archangel that when activated boosts your heals, lowers the cd of penance and gives you mana back etc. a bit more complicated than it used to be
I was having fun with discipline before the patch so I chose to keep it after. While I haven't raid healed since the patch, I can definitely say that healing heroics just got a lot more fun. I still use Clique for targeted healing; being able to smite heal the melee gives you yet another heal in your arsenal.

In regard to shadow, I don't really do much differently post-patch than I did pre-patch. EJ lists the haste soft-cap at 1269, so at present most of my available hit and spirit has been reforged into haste (sitting at 835 haste rating). Mastery is practically a useless stat for a level 80 shadow priest so it's something that you can effectively ignore for the time being. It is a non-useless stat for disc priests but I have as yet to reforge my healing gear to include additional mastery.

Thanks to the change in our talents, you do have to worry about the full 446 hit rating to be hit-capped (420 if you're a draenei — the draenei doesn't provide the group buff any more but they do retain the hit advantage for themselves), but if you had some spirit pre-patch, getting up to (or down to, in my case) shouldn't be that much of a problem...
I love the Holy Priest now. Still not the almighty healer but a smart Holy Priest will be able to manipulate the Chakra\Revelations\Holy Word:Chastise mechanism to great effect.
I agree, Chakra is pretty versatile. I have tried out the PoH version and the Renew version. Powerful and easy to manage. I am wondering if anyone has tried the Heal version of Chakra out yet for tank healing.
I have enjoyed chakra in holy alot. It is very versatile, and I enjoy versatility and adaptability in a healing spec.

Disc is a little more of a one trick pony. It still has large tool box of heals, priests in general have that, but alot of the throughput of disc comes via shields. It is really good, but the healing style dosen't really change all that much. I am not convinced that a smite/archangel spec will be as viable as a standard disc healing spec in a raiding environment, but it will be fun in 5 man or farm status raid content. We'll see though.

I like the dynamic with heal and weakened soul in the disc tree. When you are in a light healing mode, you can shorten the weakened soul debuff with your efficient heal. Increasing the uptime of your shields. It shapes up to make a really efficient tank healer combined with grace stacks.

It will come down to preference really. I like holy, because of the chakra mechanic, but others may find disc better. And it might be better to min/max by swapping specs depending on the raid encounter.

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I might have gone crazy and imagined things, but I think I dual-specced the other day for like, 1 gold. Either way it was really cheap.

My main is a holy priest, and I find it really fun (sparkles!) but a lot of disc priests swear by that. I have heard of a lot of people making the switch to holy in lieu of Chakra, though. I'm still getting used to it myself.
I've been Playing Valkridie as Shadow this expan which is really nice.... Since I've been healing on her from day 1. I know that Anita LOVES the Dics tree for healing, however she has always loved the tree that I don't. I'm with Sean, on the instances I've healed and the two heroics I've healed I've been Holy and LOVED it. I've however never tried Dics, as I feel as though it requires more thought.

That being said, What I've read and seen say you can heal well as either spec, just the gear is slightly different for Holy then Dics, so you have to pick which one you want and go into it fully.
In the Heroic Instances i've tanked so far i've been healed by priests, druids and palidans and they all seemed to do fine as long as they were geared and knew what they were doing (someone has too, the tank didn't) :)