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Hey! It's been awhile, eh?

This was in the reading a few days ago, but I've been wanting to ask about it because I found it interesting. What do people think about this?

Luke 2:52 - And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men.

Anyone have any comments on how Jesus can increase God's favor? Wouldn't Jesus already have God's full favor?

Just something to research and think about.


you must remember that Jesus was still a man. We spend so much time teaching the God side of Christ that we tend to forget that He was human, and suffered the same pitfalls, temptations as we. Also He had Free Will as well. He could have failed in the task God laid before Him. In fact He prayed for God to not put Him through it.

Besides let's look at this from a father's point of view. I love my child. I love him dearly and immensely. Yet whenever he does something new (like crawl or take his first few steps) and good (as opposed to chewing on the computer cables) he grows in my favor. Now did I not love my son enough prior to him crawling? No! I'm just more and more proud of him as he accomplishes so many things. He grows in my favor. I look with delight upon him, and that delight grows as he learns new skills (and as he learns the word NO


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Kidan's right, Jesus took the form of Man, and came down to Earth save us. However, unlike us, he defeated temptations, and took his free will away and followed God's way and was crucified, taking our sins away

Ok Kidan, u talked about Father's view
now from a Child's view! I love my parents. I love them dearly and immensely. Yet whenever he does something new (like bring me a new video card or get me a new monitor) and good (help me on my hw) he grows in my favor. Now did I not love my parents enough prior to him helping? No! I'm just more and more happy for him as he helps me all the time. He is always in my favor. I look with respect and love upon him, and that repect grows as he takes care of us and sacrifices for us. (and as he helps us, the word PAY ATTETION always appears

LOL now that was a new point of view right? ;D


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Yep. I totally agree. I just thought it would make an interesting time of personal study/research. And I think it's a very powerful statement. It shows Christ's human-side, as you both stated.