Mabinogi chapter? Maybe?


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So, I have been playing this game called "Mabinogi" for almost 6 years now. It's a MMORPG, easy to run on your computer and its Free-2-Play! I feel like this game would be great to have another chapter for, its a very family friendly game with a massive world you can explore, with very little level restrictions (Other than Peaca dungeon, even i can't solo that yet!). There is a guild function within' the game, which can be used as a great way to connect with other CGA members/ random people that need God. If you want to check out this game, you can download it on steam, or download it from their main website at :D please check it out!
I played it a bit of it back when it first came out.

Didn't like:
Reincarnation themes (the game play relies on it but it's the story part I refer to).
Some of the outfits are "material starved". It's rather typical for this genre only it's more unsettling here with it's child characters.
Bots, the scourge of f2p games.

Alternate methods of grinding though they are only effective up to a point.
The ability to finally build a character with any skills I wanted. There were better skills than others but I still liked the freedom to build a character exactly as I liked for once.

I did like it better than other f2p mmos of the time. My info is really old though so I expect the game has changed and I haven't the time for another game right now anyway. I just wanted to say someone else had tried it and give you a response :).
The game has changed alot since beta, there are many things fixed and its not all story based anymore. They added a talent system into the game of where its easier for new MMO players to get into the groove. The only issue i have with the game is how the market works, since everything it based off what people "perfer" the price should me. Which messes things up a bit. But i feel as if people should give this game a try. Even if you played it before in the past back when it first release, you should give it another go at it. Since there has been many new updates which in my case, have made the game ALOT easier to have friends and family play along.

In a couple days ill post video's and stuff showing how the game runs now and how things work that are newly added in. (going to spend the weekend with my father, so i won't be on much)

Anyway, We play on the server "Alexina" So if you make a account, create it on that server, otherwise we can't play all together :(.. So ill update you on whats new and how you can get into it again. I personally LOVE the game and i have been looking for a MMORPG better than mabinogi for the last 2-3 years. I have yet to find one. :p

(Also i should add, They added in a Anti-Bot System, of where anyone who Bots, will be banned instantly or withing 5-10mins of botting. They also added in 2 more hack shield and extra security, so you cannot Mod/Cheat within the game, it will also instantly ban your account.)
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Is anyone else interested in a Mabinogi chapter?

We may move forward regardless (just because current ToJ members aren't interested doesn't mean that Christian Mabinogi players wouldn't be interested in joining ToJ), but I wanted to bump the thread for greater visibility.
I've played the game in spurts of up to 8 hours three times in the last 2 years, hard for me to find anything I really enjoyed to anchor me to the game in that short time I played, but I don't mind popping ingame once a week for social visits I suppose.
Yeah, sorry about not updating my post, i'm trying to figure out what i can post on here that would draw people in to play it.. But i've been playing the game too long to even know what drew me in.. :p So, ill spend tomorrow trying to get videos up and running. Or even a little more info..
I Love the game as well. Just finding time to do any game is hard, but I might get on a little more often if I had people to play with.

In regards to Gerbils comment of "Some of the outfits are "material starved" That was SOO true in the beginning and there is still some of that. But it seems people are really in to the fashion of robes and armor now, so they tend to be overly covered now. lol Sometimes you can't even tell who is who. Part of the reason is the benefits to wearing them in battle.

There is also a magic them to it, but that is even in Minecraft at this point.

If enough people are interested and play it, it is a blast! And having people like Catakou and Soka/Rexul who are high level players on your side in the beginning can make it so much easier to get started.

As far as the Reincarnation themes that is a part the storyline, I think it goes over younger player's heads. It really isn't any different than any other game where dying really doesn't mean dying. And the storyline can be whizzed through for those with younger kids. I think the bigger concern is some of the conversations had in the "public square" areas. But it is easy to avoid those and there is so much going on that younger kids probably won't notice those either.

If you are a gaming family, you could play this game together and as a parent, you could guide your child through it just like in the real world. You can't stand in a grocery line today without hearing fowl language and inappropriate conversations. It doesn't require a whole lot of skill to spend the day having fun with the kiddos, they may just out skill you very quickly. ;)

Yes, give it a try. It is one of the best free games out there. There is more to this game than just fighting things. There are many skills to learn. Skills are subdivided into different categories based on type. The main types are:
Life: These skills are related to production and living.
Combat: These skills are related to physical or archery-based combat.
Magic: These skills are related to the essence of magic.
Alchemy: these skills are related to the essence of alchemy.
Fighter: These skills are related to fist brawling.
Music: these skills are related to the essence of music.
Puppetry: These skills are related to the manipulation of marionettes.
Dual Guns: These skills are related to the art of gunslinging.
Hidden: These skills are related to hidden hybrid Talents.

Here's a list of the Life Skills:

33 are in this category
Commerce Mastery
Egg Gathering
First Aid
H cont.
Hillwen Engineering
Ingredient Hunting
Magic Craft
Mushroom Gathering
Potion Making
Production Mastery
Rare Mineralogy
Sheep Shearing
Shyllien Ecology
Taming Wild Animals
Transformation Mastery
Wine Making
Okay, I Am going to hitch-hike off my my Mom's post. I'll try and focus on the combat skills and the overall free play part of the game.

Combat - Playing the normal MMORPG's you are forced into picking a class, of which can go from the simple versions of Warrior, Archer, Mage and the occasional Gun-slinger. This game however, gives something that amazes me, even to this day. It's the fact that you are not forced into doing anything! You can be a Warrior-Chef-Healing...Singer? Or what i'm doing right now with my character, which is a Mage-Warrior-Support-Fisherman. Yes, Fisherman. There are so many things in this game, It would take me a good 4-5 hours to type it all out for y'all. But ill give you the basics here.

Warrior Skills are based off of your Strength stat, Which boosts your power and the amount of damage you will cause.
These are the Melee skills, (Note: There is no limit to what skills you can and can't have, you can literally be a Epic-Skiller.)

Assault Slash
Final Hit (Final Shot if your a elf)
Lance Charge (Elves Can't use Lances)
Lance Counter
Stomp (Giant Only)
Taunt (Giant Only)
Wind guard (Giant Only)
Windmill (Not Giant Only)

Then of course you have your mastery skills (I don't think i have to tell you those, its pretty basic, But i'll list them)

Warrior Mastery's

Axe Mastery
Blunt Mastery
Lance Mastery
Sword Mastery

And since it does (sorta) count as Warrior skills, i'll list the ranged skills also.

Arrow Revolver (Human Only, Gives humans a fair shot at living with elves and giants)
Crash shot
Elven Magic Missile (Elf Only)
Final Shot (Explained during Melee skills, This is the elf version, Which is so cool...)
Magnum Shot (Ow, It hurts a lot)
Mirage Missile (Elf Only)
Spider Shot
Support Shot

Then of course, there is Bow Mastery

Now we jump into my domain of this game, I said earlier that I'm a Mage, so lets jump into the good stuff (mwuahaha)

Magic skills are mostly made for support, with a few exceptions. The Mage can go either path of being a Support, or a Power house. (Like i also said earlier, you can do anything, It's easier for the both of us, if i explain it this way.)

Power house Skills

Lightning bolt
Fusion Bolt
Snap Cast
Spell Walk
Ice Spear
Meteor Strike (It's just as amazingly scary as it sounds)
Mana Shield
Shock Wave

That is the list of the -I'm evil, lets blow stuff up- skills.

Here is the list of -Oh look, there's a bunny, lets heal it!- skills

Party healing
Lightning Shield
Ice Shield
Fire Shield
Natural Shield

There are the support (cleric) skills

Then there are the element mastery's and the overall magic mastery

Now, there are three other skill sets that you can pick from, My Mom explained one of them, which was the Life skill sets. I'll have to ask my brother for the Alchemy and fighter skills, because I'm focused on neither of them within the game. (And i don't want too mess up important details, Since they are quite special)

There you go with the basic skills of Warrior and Mage.

Now lets get into the Game details (Without any spoilers, hopefully)

You are set within 3 continent's (Uladh, Iria and Belvast) Humans come from Uladh.UladhMG.jpg Elves and Giants come from Iria. Iria.jpg

Within Uladh, the towns/cities are Tir, Dunbarton, Logging Camp, Bangor, Emain, Taillteann and Tara.
Tir, is where you will start if you create a Human character.

Within Iria, the towns/cities are Qilla Base Camp, Filia, Cor Village, Vales and Renes.
Filia, is where you will start if you create a Elf character.
Vales, is where you will start if you create a Giant character.

All of these places you can visit, doesn't matter what race you are, you can always visit it. (Just watch our for the creatures that will kill you, if you poke them with a stick... - Personal Experience-)

Well, I'm going to wrap this up for now, i hope this helps a little bit. If you want to know more, post a question, and ill try to answer it.