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Hey guys,

I figured I would post a bit of information on mages, as well as, some leveling information on them. I have two 50 mages, one here with our Reborn family, and one on the server Nyx. I witnessed the good, the bad, and the ugly from doing the 50 grind, twice.

1st – Leveling Builds

This is an easy one... Play what you want to play. If you want to level up with a lock build, do it. A pyro build? Do it.

With that said, there are some builds much easier than others for leveling.

Here is my personal preference:


Here's the build at level 25:

Here's the build at 50:

Void Bolt > Life Leach > Neddra's Torture Necrosis > Dark Touch > Soul Purge :| Rinse and Repeat

AOE Rotation*:
Void Bolt > Dark Touch (on each mob as you gather them – this is also to build charge) > Grave Rot > Mortality

*until you get used to the rotation, you may die... A lot. Watch your health and try to get your charge to full before Mortality. Typically, I can down 7-10 mobs, 2 levels higher - with little to no downtime.

The more charge you build, the more heals you'll get.

2nd - Raid builds

Again, play what you enjoy. Don't let anyone tell you different. These are just a few helpful tips.

Build One: Lock/Necro

This build is similar to the leveling build, but placing points in more specific talents. Again, very similar rotation. Keep the DoTs up as well as let your rogue pet has his way.

This build is based on building tons of spell damage.

Link to build:

Life Leech > Looming Demise > Necrosis > Dark Touch > Defile > Neddra's Grasp* > Neddra's Torture > Spam Void bolt > Repeat starting with Necrosis.

Remember to refresh Looming Demise every 60 Seconds.

Build Two:Elem/Pyro/Archon

This is my personal favor build, might be cause I loved fire as a kid. Talents are specially built for raiding. Very hard to solo with, but most of the time, mobs die before they'll get to you.

Link to build:

Firebolt > Countdown > Fireball > Fireball :| rinse and repeat. Throw in Whithering Flames and Internalize Charge, when you can.

Your mana regain is using Smoldering Power in and out of battle.

Here's where your big numbers come in.

Use Pryomancer Armor, when it pops, click on Internalize Charge, Cast CB, and click off of Internalize Charge.

Pop spell Exposure, Pop Intensify Elements, Pop Heatwave, Spam Fireball. Don't worry about instant casts unless CB pops. 1 second fireballs....hurt.

Keep Wind Pet up, he adds 90 EXTRA single target dps.

This build requires tons of spell crit filled with spell dmg. Your big numbers one from crits, not regular damage.

Build Three: SC/Elem

I have yet successfully raided with the build. Supposedly, it is the highest dps single target build. It is built on stacking charge for your damage. Once I play with it more, I'll repost.

Link to build:

Build Four: Cholor/Lock/Dom (healing spec)

There are many different ways you can do this build. Play around and see want talents you like and want. You'll need to go high up in the choler tree and use lock for spell crit, +hp, and opportunity. There is no right or wrong builds for your second talent tree.

Link to build:

Remember your dps is majority of your heals. If your MT is only 60% or above, keep casting dps (unless boss requires at full, whole times).

3rd - Stats and Much

Many people have questions about what stats I should work towards and what's better than what.

I ordered them from greatest to least.

Spell Crit (This is different for Pyro builds)

*Do not overcap focus. Once you hit cap, let it be.

Focus Caps
Tier 1 and Expert Rifts: 100
Tier 2 and Raid Rifts: 150
Raids (GSB, RoS, GP): 200

Blue Dot explains it best,

“Spell power is an additive. while Crit is multiplicative. Spell power will give you X more damage to your spells, but Crit will give you Y% more damage to your spells.

For example:
Lets say you have 1000 SP and 25% chance to Crit.
If you cast a spell with 100 base damage (damage listed on the tooltip) that has a 100% efficient to SP you will do:
1100 Damage. 1000SP + 100 Base damage.

Now with 25% Crit you have a 25% chance to do 50% more damage (80% if you have the Tempest talent). Which means on average your 25% Crit causes your spell to do 12.5% more damage (50% damage x 25% chance).
If we add that into our first equation (1100 Damage = 1000SP + 100 Base damage) we get something like:
(1000SP + 100 Base damage) x (1+ 12.5%) = 1237.5 damage.

When comparing items keep in mind:
Focus until cap is worth at least double any other stat.
2 Int = 1 SP + 2 Crit
1 Crit = 0.0379% chance to Crit.
2 Wis = 1 SP + 3 MP10 (Mana Per 10)

Relative Stat Weights are (Taken from:
1 Spell Power = 1.00
1 Intelligence = 0.71
1 Wisdom = 0.50
2 Spell Crit = 0.41”
Now get in game and start killin' some things :D


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I forgot to add an Archon build - I'll start looking around and playing around for a good one. :D


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thanks! this is super helpful as my only alt so far is a mage. Will be going with your leveling build.


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I can vouch for that leveling's very similar to the build I have on my other mage.

I have an elementalist build as well, but I need to learn how to play it effectively - mainly I stick to the necro/warlock.