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Wow, I know this is pretty old, but I just wanted to clear something up.  Earlier when I was talking about believing that vampires existed, I didn't exactly mean the way you may think of them.  By vampires, I basically meant people who killed others, drank their blood, and did some pretty twisted stuff.  I didn't mean they were undead, or could turn into bats. I also didn't mean that you had to use a stake, or holy water, or something like that to kill them. Anyway, I hope I cleared that up.  And I still may be wrong. I don't claim to know everything. I've just heard stuff about them... No, it wasn't on tv. Oh well, I'm just rambling. Feel free to comment. I gotta get some sleep...


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then the admins should stop saying those "admin-wands


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It's no more possible to scientifically prove that magic, demons, God, etc. don't exist than that that they do exist. Science cannot prove a "universal negative" because it is impossible to simultaneously and instantly analyze the entire universe. On the other hand, immaterial objects and ideas cannot be scientifically examined and documented, and therefore cannot be proven.
The Bible contains many statements and teachings that it is therefore impossible to scientifically prove; however, in EVERY SINGLE CASE where it is possible to test a statement in the Bible, the Bible has been 100% correct. If you don't believe me, check out this site:
and listen to the "Authenticity of the Bible" episodes. It's a record no other ancient or modern document can come close to matching.
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Quote[/b] ]Ofcourse the Bible was written by people inspired by Jezus and his God but those letters were translated and rewritten for more than thousand times. The Bible is full of errors because of it and God didn't correct that. Earth is round and it isn't in the center of the universe.
That's not the brightest comment I've ever heard, Moonblade. Ever hear of the Dead Sea Scrolls, among other things?


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moses really parted the seas...? ummm no...

what about like healing and other divine powers...isnt that sure sounds like it to me...but it's on God's side so it doesnt count rite? am i right?


I don't really see anything wrong with magic.
I don't think magic is evil.
If u read about it to learn about black magic u would know that to study black magic u must first learn white, and supposedly only people who are pure of hearth can truly learn white magic. Ofcource this is all witchcraft. Some of it pretty interesting, there was a whole witch craft section at chapters and I must of read for hours.
Has anyone seen David Blain, he broke the head of a chicken and then put his hand over the head and the chicken came back to life again. I haven't figured out how he did that. But some of his tricks are amazing.

In the olden days people used to mix herbs together for cures for illnesses, now after science studyed these herbs they found out that they have medicinal properties. But back then that was considered magic.
I think what we think is magic now can be figured out by science in the future.
U know I spent an hour concentrating on a pen trying to move it. All I got was a head ache. But some people can do it. I think.


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When Moses parted the sea, it was really God parting the sea for Moses. God gave Moses the power to do that.

Where does "magic" come from? I believe it either comes from God or from Satan. David Blain just plain scares me. I can't figure out how he does what he does either. Witchcraft? Maybe. I've wondered about that.