Mana regeneration for priests


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Mana regeneration for priests via intellect and spirit has taken a hit:

The old equation was:

0.0466355 x Spirit x squareroot(Intellect) at 70

It is now:

0.02875 x Spirit x squareroot(Intellect) at 80

Each point of spirit and intellect now generates less mana regen. I'm not sure if it was done so to make other stats more appealling such as crit and haste or to make regen more inline with a rating system, that is as you level up, you need more intellect and spirit to maintain the same amount of Regen. Given the size of the mana pools, our overall regen has decreased comparatively even though the raw number has increased.

Either way, regen has taken a hit with the new equation and the change to being able to use only one potion in battle.

Removing the priests ability to spam Circle of Healing may help priests who have never had to think about mana regen to keep a better watch on such things.

One thing I haven't tried but am willing if there is an engineer willing to help, is to see if shadowfiends will return mana while hitting on a target dummy.
Having only off healed with my 70 priest during TBC days, is the agro generated by the shadowfiend the reason you would use a target dummy verses having it attack the MT target?
Speaking of funky uses for Shadowfiends: Lady Bleaumeaux does only shadow damage, shadowfiends are nearly impervious to that type of damage. I actually had my SF tank her and return nearly a full mana bar.
Also for the Shadowfiend there is a glyph that returns a % of mana if your shadowfiend is killed b4 it's time expires.
It will be especially rough for Holy priests but the good news for them, they can't go OOM spamming COH anymore :)

Priests still have tricks to regen mana that aren't available to other classes. While I suspect my non-casting regen will drop below 1k/5 raid buffed, I expect my while casting regen to approach 600/5 raid buff or more with the changes.

Serendipity changes will hurt Holy priests but their best tricks for mana regen still remain with surge of light proc (50% on any crit makes the next smite or flash heal mana free) or a holy concentration proc (next flash, binding or greater) heal is mana free as well. And after using up the free cast after either proc, enable inner focus (next cast is mana free), that can get a priest into the non-casting mana regen model for 10 seconds or more (in my case, I've often regened 20 to 25% of my mana playing with these procs\talents). That is a fair amount.