Mid-May Instance Changeup


I know I posted somewhere about this, but I quick scanned for the thread and couldn't find it, so I figured I would repost :)

We're changing up the schedule just a bit... in the middle of the month even *gasps*

Starting this coming week, we're going to start trying two guild nights per week - uBRS on Mondays, ZG on Fridays. We're still starting at 7:30, so please try to be near the instance before starting time.

Just a reminder, uBRS is a 10-man instance with levels 58-60 welcome to attend. ZG is a 20-man instance with only level 60 characters eligible to attend.

The schedule for the rest of the month looks basically like this:

Monday, May 15th: UBRS
Friday, May 19th: ZG
Monday, May 22nd: UBRS
Friday, May 26th: ZG
Monday, May 29th: UBRS

If there are not enough people to attend an event (usually, this means less than 8 for uBRS or less than 15{for farming runs}), then we will downsize and do another instance, world quests, or whatever else strikes us at the time.

I prefer that you sign up in GEM or let me know in game. This involves the least amount of work for me. :) However, if for some reason you can't sign up in GEM, please just post in this thread for this month only - please post the following information:

Character Name
Character Level and Class
Spec (if you are a priest{heal or shadow}, druid{moonie, feral, or resto}, warrior{arms/fury or prot}, or rogue{yes/no Imp Sap})
The date/run you want to come to.

My Mage would be: Durruck, 60 Mage (May 19th ZG)
My Druid would be: Herekitykity, 60 Druid, Feral (May 15th uBRs)
My Priest would be: Imcu, 36 Priest, Disc/Holy (Yeah, Right. I'd be bait)

Also post in your comments if you're going to be late so we know to hold a spot for you.

Any questions? post or ask any officer. Thanks!
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Our updated guild events are now listed on our main website. Please see calendar for dates and times. It would be great for everyone to sign up via GEM even if you have an interest as we have had a few times where not enough people have shown up and having the list will at least let us know if you might still be coming but a bit late.