Mid-week runs


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So, its definitely sweet having these scheduled Mon, and Fri instances, however I tend to have some empty evenings during middle of the week. So Im curious if any other 60's tend to have the Tues-Thurs boredom. Im not looking to organize regular events, but who can I look for for some small 5-man BRD/LBRS or world questing usually? Im often on at 6:00 server time on these days and starting sooner of course means ending sooner and getting to bed still decent time. (yay :) )

My 59 Hunter Deltara has pretty much all quests that need a group...
My experience is prime time to get a group of 5 together is between 7:30 and 8:30 server time. If you can be requesting inside that hour, it is likely you can get another for a 5 man regularly. I had hoped big time that I was down to one more week for heavy pvp then I would be up for instance runs again but it looks like I still have two more weeks of hitting the grind before I can let up. I know there are often half a dozen 60s on at any point after 7:30 p.m.
Any evening that I am on I would be thrilled to run any instance. I am usually playing my lowbies to have something to do but generally am happy to come on with Wend or Ryer...just ask!!
My work schedule changes from week to week, but I'm home at least one of those three nights each week. Look for me and I'll come along if I'm not already scheduled for something else.