Monster Truck Stunts


Member announces the release of Monster Truck Stunts, a PC
game specifically designed to challenge other human players in
message-board-coordinated contests.

"You can download the current contest's track and race around it offline.
When you feel your hi-score is your best, you can declare it at the forum,
before the contest deadline passes", says Steve Stellork, contact person for "Just remember to save a replay of your hi-score performance,
just in case your hi-score turns out to be the best. To be officially
declared the winner you will have to upload your replay to the forum for
everyone to download, play and verify".

Monster Truck Stunts features accurate car dynamics simulation,
brake-into-pieces crashes and allows for realistic driving techniques. It
also includes a stunt track editor.

A fully playable demo can be downloaded at

The current contest can be joined at