Morrowind expansion

Werewolves - cool. I'm still dealing with Cliff Racers, Bull Netches, and the Camonna Tong.
Cliff Racers ARE annoying, but luckily a was able to snag a Nordic claymore over at Suran, so it only takes a few solid whacks.

What is an ascended (or resurrected) sleeper?

And how do you kill creatures that your normal weapons have no affect on, like certain ghosts and bonelords? Would you use turn undead or a certain kind of weapon (like a silver blade)?
there was one quest ghost in a hotel..never solved that one. but have no troubles killing anything. Then again I'm way up there level wise. Try enchanted weapons? ascended sleepers are tough and you will encounter warned and explore caves
Ghost in a hotel? Are you talking about the haunted manor at the top of the Redoran canton in Vivec? I once did a little exploring in there - found a master's lockpick, but couldn't get past a certain locked door. Anyways, I've had some interesting adventures. Yesterday, I visited the shrine in the Fields of Kummu (and got the blessing) and explored down in the Foyada Mammea. I found a cave, explored a little, and was quickly attacked by an ash slave (whatever that is). It started throwing all kinds of nasty magic at me, so I killed it (think desperately hacking at it with my claymore - I did get some ash salts from it, though), and high-tailed it outa there. I'll tackle that when I'm a higher level character (I'm a level 8 scout, right now).

I love my sword.
I don't think it was vivic but one of the Tel (something) towns.

My character is lvl 49...ascended sleepers are much tougher than ash zombies.
I wandered around in the Ash Wastes today, searching for a orc cave that I never found, but I did explore some other places. Later, I explored some Dwemer ruins (the ruins due south from Suran), and made off with some serious l3w7, as the n00b-speak goes.

There's been something of a kink in the whole C&C Generals review thing. I got the package from the company today, but they sent me Ultima Online instead of Generals (even though the invoice said Generals). We're gonna hafta try to arrange an exchange. Anyways, I still want to do the review (and I'm still planning on doing it), but if someone else sends in a review first, I guess I can't stop them. Needless to say, the review that I send in is probably gonna be late.
Dwemmer stuff is nice but heavy. Look for Daedric weapons and armour...way better! Sorry about the Generals mix up, that stinks. I'll wait for ya.
lvl 49? Why are you playing with a lvl 49 character? All mine are about lvl 16 and theyre already strong enough to kill anything in the game. Heck, with my armor some things dont even seem to do damage anymore. Tribunal was alot tougher then the original game to beat though. Anyway, I use combo of her hands armor and daedric, dunno bout you guys and your lvl 49 characters but my strength is 119, took it to 99 and found something called a bitter cup, gave it a nice little boost there. Running around with the strength buff of sunder and part of the her hands armor on top of the 119 is nice, I can carry a max of 720 if I remember correctly, and I've got a robe that gives 50 points of feather.
I use sunder alot because of its buffs, plus 70 damage, thats without the fortify attack 20-30 points buff, dont remember it exactly. Nord knight, finished the main quest and the main of tribunal, tough stuff there. Started a dark elf archer going through the fighters guild quests now. Thats about it. Meh dunno whether this could be considered impressive to lvl 49 characters (How long did that take  
) but meh is happy.
That's the thing i only have 1 character that has beaten the game and expansion. My character can whoop yours! hehe j/k I've trained all I can but I might start another character and make it more honorable. I have asave where I killed all the false Gods and prohpets (Vivec and those in the expansion) Oh yeah and the king who betrayed me he had an invincible ring but I still got him. My character has a temper.