Some of you may recall I was not a big MW fan. I borrowed it from a friend earlier this year and it was just too slow paced for me. I didn't get very far.

Over the last few weeks, I've been wanting to try it again. Well, long story short, a co-worker didn't want it so he gave it to me. I installed it on Friday night and got sucked in. I was up until 3 AM. Part of my problem last time was I just wanted to try the game, so all I really cared about was the main campaign. Also, I didn't realize Caps Lock put you in always run mode. That's partly why the game seemed so slow paced the first time. I was walking everywhere.

Well, I'm a Redguard and some type of warrior. What I like about the game is you aren't just hacking and slashing. There are actually puzzles to figure out.

Anyway, I am definitely sucked in. I need to control the amount of time I play it.
yeah it is addictive. Make sure you do the boots of blinding speed quest, they are great for boosting your speed...need to resist the blindness magic though.
Is there an easy way to see what quests you still have left to complete? Or do you just have to read through your journal and remember them?

I wish there was a way to know the difficulty of a quest/area. I've been trying to complete the 3rd Fighters Guild one. This is where there are 4 guys/girls disrupting the Caldera Mines. I was able to kill the first guy outside the cave, but the 3 inside the cave are too difficult. I tried and tried and couldn't do it, so I'm obviously not powerful enough yet.
My recommendation for that mission, SSquared, is this.  You've killed the person outside?  Good.  Step into the cave and hack away until you're low on health, then exit.  The enemies won't follow you.  Now sleep.  You'll heal, but your enemies won't, cause they don't sleep!  Head back into the cave and attack! Repeat until all the bad guys are dead.  Your equipment may take a beating, but it's all easily repaired for all the loot the cave offers.

 Good luck.
Hahaha. Thanks. I thought of trying that but wasn't sure if it would work. They seemed to have an unending supply of restore health. I was also afraid they would just come after me.

And that's a great example of what I mean by the game being puzzle-based. Fighting those guys isn't so much about fighting them as it is a puzzle to figure out how to defeat them.

Well, I will definitely try that next time I play. Not sure if I'll be playing it tonight.
Well, I ended the night with some Morrowind (after playing through some other games).  I tried your suggestion and it worked.  I may have messed up though. Took me quite a while to finish and my equipment was so hacked up, I'm not sure the 400 gold really made it all that worth it.  After repairs, I'm back down to 150 gold which can't buy me much protection or weapons.

I was using the Claymore which seems to be a piece of junk. Takes about 4 whacks just to kill a rat!!! Am I doing something wrong? Because the Claymore is 2-handed, I also didn't have a shield. So I think that's why I got all beat up. Maybe I'll have to try it from an earlier save point and replay the cave part.

I did move up to Level 3...
you'll get stronger, keep battling gaining experience. Sell stuff you'd be surprised how valuable th esimplest things are. BRibe a store person so they really like you and pay you more. Do lots of quests they pay too
Gosh! I sold some stuff back in Caldera and the guy gave me 1 gold piece per item. I wasn't too thrilled.

I hope you don't mind, I'll probably be asking a lot of questions about the game. The game was bundled with a video card and has no manual.
Not even a PDF on disc. But I'll be clearing that up and getting it from a co-worker/friend.
there is a guy in Syeed Neen (sp?) that if you help the elf with his ring will like you 80 or so. use him for starters or bribe someone. I like Balmora, huge town join guilds they will like you more too
Cool. Thanks for the advice. I use Balmora as my central point because of the guilds. I am currently with Fighters and Mage, but I must have done something to get the Mages upset at me. "How dare you betray the clan." The game seems so real, I am taken back a bit when they say that.
I'm like, "How dare you talk to me in that tone of voice."

I'll have to try the ring quest you mention.
I don't think I stole anything. I did take potions out of the chest, but I figured I could take those. The fighter guild told me I could take freely out of the fighter chest so I figured I can do the same with the mages.

I did kill the 2 egg poachers, perhaps they were related to the Mage guild. I also killed the Talvanni's who were stealing from the Caldera Mines. I was wondering if that triggered it because one of the mages talked like the Talvanni are part of the mage guild.
usually you can pay a fine and rejoin..I remember the telavanni, they are probably the most liberal house out there okay to kill etc