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Hey all,

I guess this is mostly directed at SirThom, but it'd be good to see what everyone else thinks too.

I was clicking around and I noticed that Music is categorized by Album name -- not the Artist. For example, if I am looking for Kutless and I click K, there's nothing there. That leads me to believe that Kutless isn't on the site, when in fact it is. It may just be my preference, but won't people be focusing on an Artist rather than their Album? Anyone else agree?

Yup, I agree. The Music section of PureFun is definitely more album-oriented than artist-oriented, in terms of drilling down and finding artists you want. The only simple way to find an artist is to search for it. =/ Any ideas on how we can improve this, exactly?
that does seem odd. at least in my own head, it would make more sense to search by artist.... yet i guess it is just the way the site is set up.
Like Glitch said, it'd make more sense to have the letter, "K", and then beneath is "Kutless", and then you click on Kutless and you'll see all their albums, "Strong Tower" for example.
The problem is that Pure Fun is structured around the content, not the person/group that creates, there's gotta be a way to get around that.

Tom: Structurally, would it be possible to make the artists "sub-categories" and then the albums ("content") could be attached to their appropriate artist that way?

Or we could simply list the artists by default instead of albums [when you sort by letter, by title, etc.]. Then, for each artist listed, we could toss in the names of their albums into the results. *shrugs again*