My insights with Black Ops Multiplayer.


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Perk 1: Scavenger Pro and Hardline Pro were easy to get. The hardest is Ghost. So for that, I'm using Scavenger or Hardline Pro.

Though, I hate players that use Ghost/Ghost Pro.

Perk 2: Hardened Pro, Warlord Pro, Steady Aim Pro and Sleight of Hand Pro are relativity easy. Scout Pro is not hard but for me, I rarely use Sniper Rifles.

But so far, I find Hardened Pro, Steady Aim Pro and Sleight of Hand Pro useful.

Perk 3: Second Chance Pro is also the easiest too but lately, get killed easily.

I have a hard time getting Pro with the other 4.
But I hope to get Tactical Mask Pro or Hacker Pro.

After getting Prestige 1, had a hard time playing with any scopes, so I use only Iron sights.

Those 4 attachments have been great for me.

Grip Marksman

Extended Mag Marksman

Dual Mag Marksman

Rapid Fire Marksman

Primary Weapons

Sub Machine Gun: Been very good with the MP5K, SKORPION and AK74U. I've had a hard time getting many kills with the MAC-10 and UZI.
The others are okay too. PM63/MPL are good with Accuracy and SPECTRE/KIPARIS are good with Scavenger/Ghost.

Assault Rifles: The ENFIELD, FAMAS and AUG have very good recoil, which made it easy to aim. The M14 and FN-FAL are great at long range but between them, the M14 is easier to use. M16 is also great at long range but don't like the burst fire. Haven't tried the AK-47, COMMANDO and G11. I'll post it when I've used them extensively. GALIL is okay but don't like its Iron Sights.

Shotguns: Used the STAKEOUT alot and its pretty good, especially on HARDCORE. Haven't used the others much, don't really like Auto-shotties like the SPAS-12 and HS10.

Light Machine Guns: Liked both HK21 and STONER63 but between them, the STONER63 has faster fire rate and also reloads slightly faster. Don't like the RPK, recoil too high. Haven't tried the M60.

Sniper Rifles: None (N/A)

Secondary Weapons

Pistols: Really like the CZ75, especially on Rapid Fire. I've used the ASP and MAKAROV with Second Chance. They work well. Have trouble getting kills with the M1911 and PYTHON.

Launchers: Used the M72 LAW and STRELA-3 mostly destroying the ATTACK HELICOPTERS, HINDS and CHOPPERS. Haven't tried the RPG. Got decent kills with CHINA LAKE.

Specials: None (N/A)


Lethal: Gotten good kills with the FRAG, especially from campers. Haven't used SEMTEX and TOMAHAWK.

Tactical: Used FLASHBANG and CONCUSSION mostly, especially to CLAYMORES. Haven't used the other 3. DECOY is interesting but not for me.

Equipment: Used CLAYMORES mostly. Tried MOTION SENSOR and JAMMER. Works better on non-HARDCORE games. Haven't used the other 3.

I hate Players that use TACTICAL INSERTION.
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