My sisters baby.


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My sister delivered her baby this morning (she was hiding the fact that she was pregnant from our parents, and me too, heh). His name is Allister.

He was born with come complications including being born prematurely (two months early) and prior to that he had stopped growing in the womb.

I don't want to say much more but he and my sister need massive prayers. The doctors are very concerned about Allister's future... as are we.

Please pray :(

(edit: wow thats my nephew... =O)
Need prayers for my mom now. She's exhausted and was having a nervous breakdown in her bed tonight. She was making incoherent statements like "The baby... the baby... the baby..." and "It call... it call... it call..." over and over again along with quick breathing, crying and a heavy cough.

I got her to calm down and take deep breaths and I also called the hospital and got the nurse to tell her that the baby was doing fine (which may or may not be a lie - I don't know for sure) hoping she would calm down and get some rest.

Tomorrow is my sister's birthday and my mom is terrified that the baby will die on her birthday - totally understandable and I cannot get over how caring my mom is for this child (she even told the nurse she would go instead of the baby - made me real sad :( ).

I turned off the lights in their room and left hoping she would go to sleep.

I can honestly say this was a terrifying experience.

She needs our prayers hard core in addition to my sister and my nephew.
Odale, My wife and I, and our church are praying for your family. If there is anything I can do to help contact me directly via a PM.
Praying for you and the family as well.

Last year I was blessed with oppurtunity to see a few miracles happen before my very eyes. Being a human being, sometimes we fall into the trap of 'seeing is believing' cousins five year old son was hospitalized, organs began shutting down, he was not in a good state, the pictures of him in the hospital bed from that time are very scarry looking, it almost looks as if he isn't even alive. The doctors said things didn't look good. He was having seizures, they suspected permanent brain damage, liver and kidneys had completly shut down, he was put on dialysis and his prognosis was not a good one. He was in the hospital for probably a total of 3 weeks, maybe a month, after the first two weeks when all that was happening, the remaining two weeks he made a complete turn around, and to this day you would not even know that he almost died. Doctors can't explain, they expected him not to live. That boy was covered in prayers...he even told people - at 5 years of age - not to worry about him because God was taking care of him. He pulled through, and to this day has no problems, no side effects, no brain damage and all of his organs are working as they should.

I share that story with you in hopes that it will encourage you during a difficult time. I also know a personal friend who gave birth to her baby at 26 weeks and though it was difficult in the beginning, she just celebrated her third birthday!

Have faith, expect miracles...

Keep us updated.
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Update and Pictures

Hi ya'll.

We all really appreciate the prayer support!

My mom is doing well and she managed to go back into work this past Friday. My schedule at school is calming down a good bit, my dad is feeling better (he was sick) and is at work as I type this out. My sister assembled the baby bed yesterday and she appears to be in good spirits (though we all question whether Allister's condition has sunk in with her yet).

Allister had a 5 degree fever yesterday (which is quite a bit for a baby) and the doctors got his temp back down to normal and he is in stable condition. I can share more information about him as well. Along with being born 2 months early, he has extra chromosomes, his heart's valves are leaking slightly and portions of his brain are missing (corpus callosum - which connects the two hemispheres, among some others).

I am not sure whether the brain continues to form after birth or whether it simply grows (I have to ask my Developmental Psych professor!).

Here are some pictures of Allister and my sister:

The Friday he was delivered.

Almost one week old.
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Thank you for teh update. Been thinking about you all a lot lately. Will continue to pray. Remember - Have faith, expect miracles!