Natural Selection sub-chapter FAQ

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What is Natural Selection?
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Quote[/b] ]Natural Selection is a hybrid first-person/real-time strategy game. There is a resource model, a tech tree, structures and upgrades, just like a traditional RTS (like Starcraft or Command and Conquer). It is mostly played in first-person, but one player can become the Commander and plays from a top-down perspective.
Source: Official Natural Selection FAQ

Be sure to read the rest of the FAQ for important information.

Where can I download Natural Selection?
The Files page at the Natural Selection web site has several mirrors from which to download the full install of Natural Selection.

Alternatively, you can search Filemirrors for direct downloads.

Okay, I've downloaded Natural Selection. Now what?
A Quick Start guide, including installation instructions, can be found on the Files page of the Natural Selection web site.

Who in Tribe of Judah plays Natural Selection?
Check the Tribe of Judah: Natural Selection sub-chapter roster for contact information of ToJ: NS members.

Does Tribe of Judah have its own Natural Selection server?
Yes! The server IP address is - Add it to your server favorites if you haven't already!

Where else do Tribe of Judah members play Natural Selection?
To see which Tribe of Judah members are currently playing Natural Selection and where, use Gametiger and ServerSpy searches.

Also, be sure to check the Favorite Natural Selection servers listing. Please add to the thread if you play on servers not already listed.

I'm a member of Tribe of Judah and I play Natural Selection. How do I join the ToJ: NS sub-chapter?
Send an e-mail to our web developer, Plankeye, at plankeye AT cgalliance DOT org with a request to be added to the Natural Selection sub-chapter roster.

Okay, I've played Natural Selection a few times and I dig it. How can I learn more about Natural Selection and improve my game?
Check out the Community page at the Natural Selection web site.

I have a question not listed here. Where can I post it?
Use this thread to post questions you would like to see added do the FAQ.
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